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10 Charming Caves in Turkey

Posted on 4 November 2016
Updated On: 1 July 2020

Turkey is a magnet for tourists thanks to what it has of stunning nature and ancient historic monuments, it is also characterized by spacious gardens and modern commercial centers, and In addition to all this Turkey is characterized by the caves which was dug at great depths. So there are many caves that has to be visited and among them the following:

  1. Dubnisa Cave: Located in the state of Kirklareli at a depth of 2720 meters and it is characterized by a river inside it which adds to its charm a charm, the visitor can walk around it at a depth of only 500 meters of the total area.dupnisa-cave-photo
  2. Karaca Cave: Located in the state of Gümüşhane at an altitude of 1550 meters above sea level and is considered as a natural cure for diseases such as asthma and other respiratory diseases.karaca-cave-photo
  3. Gilindire Cave: Located in the state of Mersin and it also called The Mirror Lake because it contain a Lake which reflects the cave remarkably and this cave is classified as the most beautiful caves of Turkey because it is characterized by its icy stones and its entrance’s magnificent view of the sea.gilindire-cave-photo
  4. Karain Cave: Located in the state of Antalya and it is one of the caves in which humans lived where there are special remnant of humans who lived there in Karain Museum, and the age of this cave dates back to 500 thousand years.karain-cave-photo
  5. Damlataş Cave: Located in the state of Antalya, it is the first cave which was opened for tourism in Turkey and it festooned with stones formed over thousands of years, and this cave was revealed by accident while drilling was done for construction.damlatas-cave-photo
  6. Ilgarini Cave: Located in the state of kastamonu and people were housing in it 2,000 years ago, and there are traces of them in the cave and there are also the remains of graves of people whom buried in it since long time ago.ilgarini-cave-photo
  7. Ballıca Cave: Located in the state of Tokat with a height of 95 meters and length of 680 meters, this cave is characterized by its charming climate and it has been opened to tourists since 1995.ballica-cave-photo
  8. Kaklık Cave: Located in the state of Denizli, and more characteristic of this cave is the stones that look as if it had covered with snow also it is characterized by thermal water inside.kaklik-cave-photo
  9. Altınbeşik Cave: Located in the state of Antalya, it was opened as a public park since 1994 and it is characterized by a wall look like as if it is covered with snow and also there is water which change its level from season to another.altinbesik-cave-photo
  10. Tinaztepe Cave : Located in the state of Konya and it is one of the caves that have to be visited and see its mystique, where it has length of 22 km and tourists can be walk around 1580 meters of the total area, it contains lime stones and it has been opened since 2004.tinaztepe-cave-photo

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