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10 Reasons Makes Real Estate Investment in Turkey is The Best

Posted on 18 November 2019
Updated On: 29 June 2020

1- The suitable price:

Property prices in Turkey are very reasonable comparative to other countries and this is why investment in Turkey is much better than Europe, where the prices of real estate is very expensive, as the properties in Turkey have high quality finishes such as marble floors and luxury kitchens and all this for very reasonable prices, as an example you can buy with the same price of a 1+1 apartment in America, a four-bedroom villa in several cities in Turkey.

2- Weather:

The beautiful weather in Turkey is one of the most important reasons why people fall in love with it. Its warm sun barely leaves and at the same time it has a moderate weather in summer and winter. 

3- Properties for all budgets:

Turkey is spread over large areas and its properties are available everywhere making it suitable for various social classes wishing to invest. Whatever the budget was specified for investment, you will surely find your desired property. 

4- Reasonable living costs:

Turkey has a low cost of living for water, electricity, gas, maintenance, food, drink and groceries, and this is one of features that is not exist in other countries. 

5- Inheritance Tax:

In a country such as the UK, if you want to transfer your property to your children, you may be charged a tax of up to 20%. In Turkey, there is no inheritance tax as the Turkish government exempts the families of foreign property owners living in Turkey from paying inheritance tax on any property in Turkey

6- Owning Right:

Whatever the properties you own in Turkey were, you have the right to freely dispose of it. You can sell your property at your convenience time without any restrictions. 

7- Real estate investment to obtain Turkish citizenship:

 The Turkish citizenship law has been exceptionally amended to foreign investors by owning one or several properties in Turkey worth a minimum of $ 250,000 to obtain Turkish citizenship within a period of 3 months for the investor and his family (husband, wife and children under 18 years).

8- Easily obtain residence:

You can obtain a residence permit in Turkey easily and without complicated conditions or restrictions just like the imposed in other countries, once you own a property in Turkey and registered it under your name you will immediately qualify for a residence in Turkey

9- Transportation:

Transport in Turkey is affordable and reliable and serves all areas, with many international airports, trains connecting major cities, buses available for local travel and to serve people within cities as well as taxis and others. 

10- The History of Turkey:

Turkey has many historical cities dating back thousands of years and scattered all over Turkey, which is still a witness to the ancient eras that inhabited the country. 

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