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450 Exhibitions Will Be Held in Turkey in 2020

Posted on 29 October 2019
Updated On: 29 June 2020

Turkey has long been characterized by the brilliance of its companies and factories in all fields, foreign investors, especially Arabs, were discovering the creativity of the Turkish hand in producing the finest products and tools, but in the past period, it is no longer the only way to convey the dazzling image of the quality of the Turkish product through the images taken by investors. but, Turkey officially and through all government and private halls has entered into international experiences to talk about the quality of Turkish product in the largest local and international forums and exhibitions.

450 Exhibitions, 136 of Them Are International

According to the Federation of Turkish Chambers and Exchanges, Turkey will host more than 450 exhibitions next year, 136 of which will be on an international and very important international level. The timetable for these exhibitions has already been announced. In Turkey over the next year.

Exhibitions next year are scheduled to include a wide range of products from various fields, from defense industries, real estate, agriculture, textile, technological products, clothing, tourism and many other sectors to which Turkey has proven its worth. The exhibitions are expected to be well concentrated in the agriculture and livestock sectors, with 52 exhibitions to be held in this field, followed by the home furniture sector with 30, followed by food exhibitions where 29 exhibitions are expected.

Istanbul Hosts Nearly 200 Exhibitions Alone

According to the same sources, the city of Istanbul, which is the most important city for investors, alone will host 193 exhibitions out of the total of these exhibitions, because it contains more than 10 huge and spacious spaces specially equipped to host local and international exhibitions, while 154 companies specialized in the field of exhibitions, Last year, the number of exhibitions held in Turkey reached 501, of which Istanbul had 201 exhibitions, in other words it accounted almost 46% of the total exhibitions held in the country, with regard to the fields and sectors of exhibitions held in Istanbul during the past years, the exhibitions of the education sector topped other areas, while exhibitions breeding and riding horses held the least exhibitions hosted by the Turkish city.

Overall, Turkey ranks second among Europe’s most hosting countries, with an average annual number of 400 exhibitions, and it is expected to witness significant growth in the coming stages, especially after the opening of the new Istanbul airport, which makes the city an important attraction in the world of travel and investors.

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