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6 Touristic Cities to Visit in 2016

Posted on 14 January 2016
Updated On: 6 July 2020

With the start of the New Year, we look forward on where we would spend our next vacation. The world is full of touristic cities and places to visit and spend the best quality times.

Istanbul – Turkey

Istanbul is the gateway between East and West and the center of history and culture. Istanbul is the social, artistic and commercial heart of Turkey, it is full of vigor and vitality day and night and throughout the year. This is what makes the city worth a visit if only for once.

Istanbul city image

Venice – Italy

This city is without a doubt is one of the most prestigious cities in the world, not just in Italy. In your visit you ca move from one palace to the other, and never get bored in this city’s special places. When you go there you must visit the opera house to enjoy the nice music, and the most famous of them all is the gondola tours between the houses and homes of Venice.

Venice - Italy

Salzburg – Austria

The old city part of Salzburg was listed on the UNESCO World heritage list, by being very attractive. The city’s surroundings are worth a visit as well, as they are full of amazing nature and mountains, this mixture makes Salzburg one of the world’s most romantic travel destinations.


London – Britain

It is always expected to find London on such lists, one of the world’s most exceptional capitals featuring many attractive places. When you visit you should keep in mind to visit the Tate modern in the Royal Opera House, as well as for the shopping fans you can gather in Oxford Street to view the numerous brands, which doesn’t look like any other brands in the world.


Bruges – Belgium

A city full of the spirit of museums and historical monuments, always crowded with lots of artistic works from all around the world. When you first travel, you would feel as if you are back to the middle ages, you can reach many places in this city by walking only, also you must explore the Groening great museum.


Prague – Czech Republic

The city of Prague has greatly preserved its monuments, there are lots of amazing architectural buildings, and old beautiful ones, and overlapping streets, like Charles Bridge, Old City Square, and the Prague Palace, you can spend an entire day there without feeling time.

Prague city image

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