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8 Best Destinations for Tourism in Turkey

Posted on 29 July 2019
Updated On: 18 June 2020

Turkey’s tourist destinations vary among the magnificent natural areas, and the historical sites, to form all kinds of local and foreign tourism, with a range of the most picturesque areas in the region.

This is due to the natural diversity and geographic mix of this beautiful country. Modernity and technological progress are intertwined with the history and heritage of Turkey’s ancient civilizations, which constitute the first destination of international tourism. where the number of foreign tourists from all over the world in the first quarter in this year is about 9 million tourists according to the Turkish Ministry of Tourism.

This figure is 2 million more than the number of tourists who visited Turkey last year in the same period, of whom about 40% visited Istanbul without visiting any other Turkish city.

1- Istanbul

Istanbul receives about 40% of all tourists visiting Turkey, so it can be considered as the most important destination in Turkey because it has many advantages. It is a crossroads of religions, cultures and civilizations. It includes the Bosporus Strait which separates the city into two parts Europe and Asia. and it is a “must visit” place for any tourist how come to Turkey.

2- Marmaris and Fethiye

With its natural beauty and pure water, it is an ideal place for skydiving and scuba diving lovers, it is one of the most beautiful spots in Turkey, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. the view of the Dead Sea Bay is just wonderful, and its green mountains and tourist resorts designed for full entertainment which is a real attract for tourists from all over the world.

3- Trabzon

The northern Turkish bride as also sometimes called the pearl of the Black Sea, the most famous city in northern Turkey. It is known as an important tourist destination for Arabs because it has a great tourist resorts and breathtaking landscapes.

4-  Antalya

The shores of this Mediterranean city are among the most luxurious and modern resorts in the world.

its hotels offer unique and memorable entertainment services. There are direct flights to it and to its warm-water beaches, which makes it a major destination for all Arab and European tourists.

5- Bodrum

This magnificent city is located on the Aegean Sea. Where Turkish and foreign tourists call it the city of love and it is a major distention for many famous Turkish and foreigners tourists, the city is characterized by sandy, clean and long beaches, its resorts are luxurious and sophisticated. and it is generally containing yacht harbors for the world’s most important businessmen and rich people, an important station for international celebrities and artists.

6- Maşukiye and Sapanca

Sapanca is one of the most popular cities for tourists. It is located in the state of Sakarya, which is characterized by its natural beauty and its natural lake which is considered as one of the largest natural lakes in the world, it also has Mount Kartepe which has a wonderful view of the lake and the city, and it is the first destination for lovers of snow skiing in winter.

7- Yalova

Yalova is very close to Istanbul and can be reached by a wonderful boat trip in the sea. It is considered one of the most popular cities for tourists who want medical tourism due to the abundance of natural mineral waters and the resorts that offer services that are attached to this water which has many benefits.

8- Kapadokya

It is a city that was carved in the rocks and in the heart of the mountains. It is located in the state of Nevşehir in the middle of Anatolia. It is also a very famous city where tourists can ride the balloon and see the beauty of it, the city is a basic visit to many Christian denominations. Because it was the residence of a Christian community centuries ago.

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