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A New Era in Land Registry and Cadastre!

Posted on 23 October 2017
Updated On: 24 March 2020

Kayseri Land Registry and Cadastre Regional Director Erdogan Buyukboyaci stated that, landowners could see the information about their real estates and could manage the actions related to real estates by the web-land registry system so that, they don’t have to go to the land registry offices.

Speaking about the changes made in their systems, Buyukboyaci claimed that “the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre started a web-land registry system. By using this system, landowners can manage their real estate transactions without going to the land registry offices. The system can be used together with the e-government (e-devlet) verification system and users can view the information regarding their real estate online. Landowners can also authorize other people to view the information if necessary. Prior to the title deed transfer process, landowners can state via the web-land registry that no action will be taken on their real estate. The landowners will be informed via SMS at every stage of the transactions that will be done through the system.”

Buyukboyaci continued as:

“Our citizens will be able to access web-land registry application by logging in with e-government password at ‘’. ​​Our citizens will be able to view the information about the restricted land registry regarding to their real estate by selecting the option of ‘Receive the title deed‘ in web-land registry application. They will also be able to authorize someone else related to real estate by selecting the option of ‘Authorize’.
Landowners don’t need to go to the Land Registry Directorate and they will be able to make their applications and send the required documents as scanned through the system by the selecting the option of ‘Apply’. They can pay the land registry and circulating capital fees online which later they can complete the process by going to the Land Registry Directorate at a given time informed by SMS. By selecting the option of ‘Establish Statement’ in application, they can forbid any action regarding their real estate in case of the fraud and counterfeiting.

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