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Foreigners’ Record Property Purchases Follow...

Dec 21, 2021
Turkish property sales to foreigners increased over 50 percent to a record level in November 2021, bringing in bill ...
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Turkish Real Estate Post-pandemic Industry Analysis

Turkish Real Estate Post-pandemic Industry A...

Nov 10, 2021
The COVID-19 epidemic, viewed as an unexpected occurrence, differs from previous crises in global history. The pand ...
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Countries You Can Visit With Turkish Passpor...

Mar 25, 2020
The Turkish passport was ranked 39th worldwide in 2020, with 121 points recorded in the Visa Travel Index, which al ...
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Turkish Properties or Greek Properties

8 Differences Between Turkish Properties and...

Mar 20, 2020
Turkey is the most well-known country that spans two continents. Shared in Europe and Asia, it boasts some of the w ...
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Health Tourism in Turkey for Foreigners

Mar 02, 2020
Turkey is famous for medical tourism and aims to get 20 billion $ in the global medical tourism market in the year ...
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A New Study to Impose Low Fees on Tourists i...

Nov 24, 2019
There is a consideration by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in order to impose a tax on tourists since the begi ...
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Turkey is Crowded with Tourists on Eid al-Ad...

Aug 19, 2019
Turkey has a magical mix between the picturesque nature which contains wonderful tourist facilities and modernity a ...
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8 Best Destinations for Tourism in Turkey

Jul 29, 2019
Turkey’s tourist destinations vary among the magnificent natural areas, and the historical sites, to form all ...
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Top 5 Destinations in Istanbul for The Arabi...

Jul 15, 2019
Istanbul is an important destination for tourists from Arab countries, especially the Saudis. Turkey is seeing an i ...
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The Influx of Tourists on the Shores of Anta...

Jun 10, 2019
Antalya and Muğla in western Turkey have seen thousands of tourists’ flow to their shores to spend Eid al Fitr and ...
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Top 8 Destinations for Winter Tourism in Tur...

Feb 04, 2019
We all know that Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations in the summer, but what about winter? Turkey meets ...
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10 Charming Caves in Turkey

Nov 04, 2016
Turkey is a magnet for tourists thanks to what it has of stunning nature and ancient historic monuments, it is also ...
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Make Aydos Forests Your Next Destination

Oct 21, 2016
6  reasons make you want to visit Aydos Forests and spend the weekend in there before the cold of winter comes, whe ...
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Places You Must Visit Near To Istanbul

Sep 16, 2016
Before the end of summer, you must visit these beautiful places in Istanbul to move away from the ambience of overc ...
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Dumping a Plane for Tourism

Jun 10, 2016
Turkish authorities have flooded a plane type Airbus A300 in order to stimulate and encourage diving tourism, this ...
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The Charming Antalya City

Apr 29, 2016
Antalya is the eighth most populous city in Turkey. Located on Anatolia’s flourishing southwest coast bordere ...
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بورصة صورة

Bursa – 5 Famous Places to Visit

Apr 18, 2016
Bursa  province, which lies in northwest Turkey, one of the most important in Turkey’s provinces, from the we ...
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Maiden Tower Istanbul Image

Maiden Tower Istanbul

Apr 13, 2016
The maiden tower or lighthouse, attracts the sight as soon as you lay your eyes on it on the Bosphorus Strait to go ...
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Turkey Cities Map

81 Cities in Turkey

Apr 01, 2016
Each city in Turkey has characteristic specifications which are unique from the other cities. Some of these specifi ...
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Famous beverages in Turkey image

Famous Beverages in Turkey

Mar 30, 2016
When you visit Turkey, you would stand a bit confused when the times comes on choosing from the variety of famous h ...
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Bosphorus-Strait image

The Bosphorus Strait

Mar 14, 2016
Istanbul Strait, which is located between the continents of Asia and Europe called the “Bosporus Straits̶ ...
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Istanbul Beaches

Mar 11, 2016
With the approach of the summer season, a lot of lovers of the swimming sport begin searching for the appropriate t ...
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Tourism in Ankara

Mar 09, 2016
After the establishing of the Turkish Republic in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, he moved of the capital from Istan ...
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Yerebatan image

Yerebatan – The historic water reservo...

Mar 01, 2016
The “Yerebatan” one of the largest water reservoirs that were built under the old city of Istanbul, to provid ...
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Famous Markets in Istanbul Image

6 Famous Markets in Istanbul

Feb 25, 2016
Istanbul is characterized by the vast and diversity of its touristic and historical areas. Istanbul is famous for i ...
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The Revival Plan of Turkish Tourism 2016

Feb 24, 2016
The Number of tourist arrivals to Turkey amounted in 2014, 41 million, 627 thousand and 246 tourists, and the succe ...
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miniaturk image

Miniaturk Istanbul

Feb 22, 2016
According to the Department of Culture in Istanbul Municipality, that five million domestic and foreign tourists vi ...
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World's Best Luxurious Hotels image

World’s Best Luxurious Hotels

Feb 11, 2016
There are many luxurious various hotels around the world, which are teeming with visitors and tourists throughout t ...
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dolmabahce palace photo

Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul

Feb 01, 2016
It is a unique masterpiece of its kind, combining oriental style and western-style of architecture and interior des ...
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World tourism forum istanbul image

Second World Tourism Forum in Istanbul

Jan 28, 2016
Istanbul is hosting the Second World Tourism Forum in periods between 4th and 6th of upcoming February, with an act ...
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Turkey’s Beaches Ranks Second Globally

Jan 27, 2016
Turkey was ranked recently number two worldwide by the number of beaches and yacht clubs that received the Blue Fla ...
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Spice bazaar image

Historical Egyptian Market in Istanbul

Jan 22, 2016
Egyptian Market is in Istanbul or the so-called spice Market an integral part of the old Ottoman Turkish civilizati ...
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6 Touristic Cities to Visit in 2016

Jan 14, 2016
With the start of the New Year, we look forward on where we would spend our next vacation. The world is full of tou ...
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Best 8 Places for Winter Tourism in Turkey

Jan 13, 2016
Turkey is a country teeming with tourists in the summer, but what about winter? Many people may think that tourism ...
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Plan “B” To Save The Tourism

Jan 08, 2016
The crisis that took place between Turkey and Russia recently led to the cancellation of some Russian tourists to t ...
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Fethiye beaches image

Fethiye – Town of Beaches in Turkey

Jan 08, 2016
The town “Fethiye” of the Turkish city “Mugla” which is overlooking the Mediterranean is ch ...
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princesses islands image

Princes Islands

Dec 31, 2015
Princes Islands are a group of islands located about hour and a half from the center of Istanbul and it is located ...
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Tourism-in-Eminonu photo

Tourism in Eminonu

Dec 31, 2015
“Eminonu” Area and Harbor , is one of the largest open-air museum in Turkey, it was the heart “Co ...
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touristic destinations in turkey

Most Visited Touristic Destinations in Turke...

Dec 23, 2015
Turkey is known for its mesmerizing nature, ancient and historical monuments. Which attracts over 40 million touris ...
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bagdat street istanul image

Istanbul’s Most Famous Streets

Dec 15, 2015
Istanbul, a city of over 13 million inhabitants and similar number of tourists visiting each year, is the financial ...
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7 attractive prominent landmarks in Turkey

7 Attractive Prominent Landmarks in Turkey

Dec 04, 2015
At the beginning we thought that Turkey is only the best place for a holiday on the beach or relaxing near swimming ...
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Medical Tourism in Turkey

Nov 30, 2015
With the rapid growth our world is seeing today, countries have been racing to develop their selves equally with th ...
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Advices Before Visiting Turkey

Nov 27, 2015
In the minds of those who wish to visit Turkey, There are lots of inquiries on many topics such as visa, credit car ...
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Istanbul Beautiful Mosque

Top 10 Places to Visit in Istanbul

Oct 20, 2015
1- Bosphorus Strait: Istanbul strait is a water passage connecting the Black sea and Marmara Sea, dividing Istanbul ...
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istanbul mini

Tourism and Economy in Turkey

Aug 08, 2015
Tourism in Turkey has grown a lot in the past few years. Having many attraction points and places, had made Turkey ...
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