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Ataşehir, the financial center of Istanbul

Posted on 19 February 2016
Updated On: 3 July 2020

Ataşehir is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, just a few minutes away from the Bosphorus Bridge. The city has undergone many changes and became a luxury and full of luxury developments like foreign schools, shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment centers.

What distinguishes Ataşehir form other areas is that it is about to become the heart of the economy in Turkey, where it is leading foreign investment and comprehensive to more than 50,000 workers. The region include several international and local financial centers such as the Turkish Central Bank. These centers were located in busy areas in the European side of Istanbul such as Levent and Şişli and Mecediyekoy and so the transmission of these centers to other regions represents a strong promotion of industry and wealth in the city at the height of financial success.

Ataşehir and Kadikoy are known in high prices since 2010 and it is expected to continue in this case which the rise is not only in prices but also an increase in demands by businessmen and investors.

Ataşehir Palace:

Ataşehir Palace project is located just minutes away from the financial center and has become one of the basic residential areas. It was designed like suburbs by using the best materials and it is considered as one of the luxury projects in Istanbul. Residents will enjoy commercial markets, restaurants, cafes, shops, swimming pools and sports club and hotel services which are available 24 hours a day.

This project was built on 250,000 square meters and will be lived by businessmen and their families. And the completion of the first phase of the project will be through the end of the next year, which will include 169 residential units and 10 commercial units. Those houses are close to Istanbul by metro.

The units are presented for sale at a price 11% less than the usual price where the pre-launched prices start from $ 2700 per meter, and the price will increase after the end of the project to 3,050 Dollar which is a lucrative deal as the end of the project will not be able to buy meters below the price of $ 5,000 which is twice the current price.

Investors can pay in one of these two ways: The first one is, down payment 50% of the price and the rest as payments during 24 months with interest or the second way is: 30% down payment of the price and the rest as payments within 18 months with interest.

It is expected to get good profits from Ataşehir Palace project where those opportunities are always required and in this project will be 50,000 workers, giving investors a distinctive investment strategy. And that the region is on the way for growth, but with the opening of this financial center will become one of the most luxurious areas and a leader in the profits.

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