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Best 8 Places for Winter Tourism in Turkey

Posted on 13 January 2016
Updated On: 6 July 2020

Turkey is a country teeming with tourists in the summer, but what about winter? Many people may think that tourism in Turkey is limited to the summer, and do not know much about the places of the beauty and comfort that frequented in the winter as well. Among these places what is close to Istanbul and the tourists can access them whenever they like:

1- Agva:

It means the village which is surrounded by two rivers. It is one of the most beautiful places near Istanbul which is located in the north of Istanbul. It is a coastal village located between the rivers “Goksu” and “Yesil Cay” which pour into The Black Sea, and can make a round in it with small boats or water bikes. It is famous of its waterfalls, flat land and a beautiful place for hiking and walking. It has an amazing nature and there are many beautiful hotels. Beside the river tourists can spend the most beautiful times away from the hype and traffic urbanism. It is also possible to stay in the hotels without prior reservation.

2- Polonezkoy:

It is the best place to enjoy quiet moments at a far place away from the hype and congestion and it is located in Beykoz district of Istanbul about 20 km from The Black Sea coast and just 15 km from the shore of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. In the past the village was for farming and turned to a village for holidays, thanks to hotels, cafes, gardens which are allocated for drinking tea which was opened by young men who had returned from outside of Turkey in the eighties. It is featuring with its own beauty in winter.

3- Kartepe:

Kartepe is located on the top of a mountain with a height of 1650 meters. About one hour and a quarter Away from Istanbul and can be accessed by the internal transport buses of the city. Where there is a ski center, which is possible to rent ski clothes in the way up to the top from the shops located side by side with a low price. And the ascenders to the top smell the delicious cuisine’s smells which is emitted from the restaurants.

4- Abant garden:

Located 34 km southwest of the city of Bolu, and where the freshwater lake rises 1328 meters above sea level. Characterized by the beaches of the lake with the picturesque landscape so that the tourists can spend a lovely time and enjoy catching the fish.

5- Kartal Kaya:

One of the most important ski centers in Turkey which is located in an area west of Kara Deniz southeast of the city of Bolu on Koroglu Mountains. It’s nice to go to this place with friends and family and enjoy skiing all day

6- Sile:

A small coastal town located on the beaches of The Black Sea. Quiet and beautiful not bothered by human’s hand. Located in north-east of the Marmara Region. Forest make up 79% of its area which reaches to 755 square kilometers, 10% of it are agricultural areas. Its coast stretches along 60 km. There is the kompapa plateau which is considered a physiotherapy area, the most important destination there, where its sand are used to treat many diseases. Also there are the weeping rocks which is a natural spring water flowing in like crying human’s tears.

7- Hot water spas in Yalova:

Normal first-class historical and archaeological importance. It attracts visitors from around the world and Turkey alike. A large complex of baths, hotels and museum. It is the best place to spend a healthy winter. The mother of Sultan Abdul Majid received treatment for rheumatism, who was suffering from it, and then the springs gained importance that had been lost in a previous period. In the city there are seven luxury hotels and a lot of the hostel. The city is also famous of honey apiaries.

8- Uludag:

The best place for winter sports. It comes at the forefront of winter tourism places in Turkey and offers the possibility of skiing over the four months of the year. It is located just 32 km south Bursa. Skating Rink which are 11, can accommodate up to 10 thousand skater. Also tourists can do snowboard, enjoy watching practitioners of the sport or touring with ice vehicle and inhalation its clean air filled with oxygen. Also tourists can enjoy the barbecue on the snow.

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