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Bosphorus View Properties in Istanbul

Posted on 11 November 2019
Updated On: 29 June 2020

Turkey in general and the city of Istanbul in particular is unique geographic nature and can be rare as well, since it is the only city in the world distributed on two continents, the Asian continent and the European continent, separated by the Bosphorus Strait, which embodies a part of the greatness and beauty of the ancient city, the Bosphorus is a 32-kilometer-long Strait that flows from the Sea of Marmara in the south towards the Black Sea in the north, giving the Bosphorus Istanbul a natural beauty on its banks, making it one of the most beautiful places in the world.

A Breathtaking View of a Luxurious and Happy Life

In general, the real estate overlooking the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, has its own distinctive taste, and the sea view in Turkey is not like any view, because it is the meeting point of the two continents, and because it also has a beautiful Mediterranean climate enjoying special care and cleanliness, Istanbul is at the forefront of the Turkish cities in the charm of sea views, Like high-rise areas with magnificent views, to houses overlooking the Bosphorus, and also villas with superb sea views and beauty.

Bosphorus is the Center of Luxury Apartments in Istanbul

The blue water and the greenery of the Bosphorus makes living on its banks a wonderful and irresistible opportunity, which is undoubtedly an irreplaceable opportunity to live in Istanbul.

The Bosphorus is the center of luxury apartments, and along the two shores, several areas are characterized by hosting some of the most prestigious apartments in the world, most notably on the Asian side: Beykoz, Uskudar and Kandeli, while the European side is famous for the beautiful Sariyer and Besiktas.

Nev Bahar Project

The project is located in the heart of the region of Istanbul in the Asian section and is characterized by stunning views of the Bosphorus Strait, and close to a wide range of services, commercial and historical facilities such as the Castle of the girl and the Square of Istanbul and the old Sultan Mehramah Mosque.

The project is located in an area close to Kadikoy, Ataşehir and Omraniye neighborhoods. And it is 1.5 km away from Eurasia Tunnel which connects Asian and European Istanbul. The project consists of 188 apartments and 120 shops and spans 14000 m2. The project consists of 4 blocks with a height of 9 floors and contains models apartments to understand the project concept, houses ranges between 66 and 632 square meters.

This project is one of the projects aimed at people looking for a life of luxury, and features a very high quality finishing, which starts from the public facilities of the complex and ending with high-quality interior cladding. The project also contains a range of distinctive services such as closed garage, gardens, surveillance and security throughout the day.

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