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Why to Buy Brand New Apartment in Istanbul?

Posted on 8 May 2017
Updated On: 1 July 2020

Istanbul, Turkey is a world city that has a fascinating mix of old and new heritage and that appears in the various brand new apartments in Istanbul which symbolize this assortment. There are many new developments in the European side of Istanbul created by different well-known real estate brands.

The Best in Style and Luxury

Some of the new apartments in Istanbul are defined by style, luxury and great designs. Most of those apartments are embellished with 5 star hotel features that are beyond imagination. You can choose from very economical priced flats to expensive and extravagantly priced flats as well as you desire. Istanbul apartments are definitely a good option for buyers who are searching for something with a traditional feel. There is a variety of ottoman style apartments that are also renovated in the European way and start at around 150,000 Euro.

Low Maintenance Costs

The new apartments in Istanbul are ideal for low maintenance buyers. You can look for any kind of apartment in Istanbul that suits every kind of budget. You can choose from studio flats with $60,000 to luxury apartments with $15 million. Buying a flat in Istanbul is equivalent to winning a lottery. The maintenance costs are really low .The latest styled apartments are built with the best interiors and super specifications and they are also stamped with internal brand names.

Need Less Renovation

The best reason to go for new apartments in Istanbul is because; apartments in Istanbul are made with the best quality material and can last for a long period of time. These apartments are also designed in the best way so that they do not require any additional renovation.

Less Energy Consumption Because of High Insulation

One of the best features of the new apartments in Istanbul are that, they help you to save from a great deal of energy. The walls are made with high insulation that helps to retain the heat inside during the winter and also keep your home cool during the summer season. Energy consumption of the new buildings in Istanbul continues to help the owners to save their electric bills because of their energy efficient designs.

The windows are well designed so that they can retain heat and help to keep your house warm during the winter. Compact florescent bulbs are used for better energy consumption. Some houses in Turkey also have solar panels that are installed on the rooftop so that they can cut down of your electricity bills.

To sum up; all these good features are considered by brand new construction firms to ensure the customer satisfaction.

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