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Buying a Property in Turkey

Posted on 26 February 2016
Updated On: 25 March 2020

The number of homes that were sold to the Arabs in Turkey during 2015, 10 thousand and 863 housing units, equivalent to half of the total number of homes sold to foreigners in the whole country, according to official figures provided by the Committee of Arab investors in the real estate sector.

These figures expected to rise during 2016, for several reasons, the most important of, the beauty of the nature of Turkey, the good people and the ease of living with them, and the keenness of the country to provide all services to its citizens and residents, but if you are of the people who are expected to buy a house or other Property in Turkey, then you have to know five necessary things when you do so.

Choose a trustworthy agency

Fraud is everywhere across the world, there is always the possibility of being a victim of a scam of a Property agent, so when you go to buy a Property firstly, you have to get the number for a good and trustworthy real estate agency.

To identify which one of the agencies is the required, you can do a search on the Internet for the real estate offices in the city that you choose, and the quality of the site are most likely a sign of the quality of its companions services. Get the phone number, and contact the agency and stop consulting people who are not specialists in the this sector, like the taxi driver who pick you up from the airport, or the nice waiter at the cafe, where you drink your tea.

Listen carefully

Most people who want to buy real estate, they are in a hurry, and honestly said, haste makes waste, the purchase of a Property requires search patiently, through research be a good listener to the information that provided to you by your real estate agent.

The agent is supposed to provide you the appropriate and accurate advice, but you also have to be a smart customer and lectured witted to even ask about all the things and not to miss any of the details, and to achieve this you have to be a good listener.

No laziness.. You have to visit all the proposed real estate

Real Estate Agency offers you options on real estate, and provide you with pictures of them, and also explanatory information on the facilities and the quality of construction, the neighborhood, nearby transportation and green spaces, all that would make the place successful option, but you also have to give up any laziness as possible, and get rid of the pressure appointments until you visit all proposed Property on your own. Your vision of the place will provide you with a vivid picture of it and also test your interaction with it and its surroundings.

Look for a good lawyer

When choosing the Property you want to buy, look for a good lawyer that can be with you and the Real Estate Agency in the preparation of the contract of sale.

Usually real estate agencies provide lawyer service, but in case you have your own lawyer, who can follow the process of Buying the Property from your home country, or there is a resident lawyer who speaks your language or both of you speak a common language, and you trust him, I mean. Sales process needs decades free of gaps that guarantees all rights.

The lawyer would verify in the legal record of the seller, and Property bonds, and he make sure the contract of sale shows the full terms of the sale, and be careful with penalty clauses, as well he should not forget the scrutiny of the rules of inheritance, who knows, maybe difference between your country and Turkey may in the future affect who shall the Property devolve to.

Remember the fees

Of the services provided by the lawyer and Real Estate Agency, which also is the knowledge of Property maintenance fees, especially if the Property you will buy is in a compound.

For the title deed “Tabu” was a little bit hard on foreigners in Turkey, but after the change on Property law, is allowed to obtain title to the Property locally, and it takes to get it between two to four weeks, and this serves the buyer and seller together, where there will be no delay in delivery, whether for money or property.

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