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Can You Bring Your Car to Turkey?

Posted on 21 May 2021
Updated On: 21 May 2021

In Turkey cars and fuel are relatively expensive. Local taxes make Turkey one of the most expensive countries to utilize cars. And those costs could rise significantly, depending on the outcome of the country’s parliament’s annual traffic tax debates. The price of a car, both new and second hand, is likely to be much higher than “back home”. Value Added Tax(VAT) is 18% in Turkey. For that reason, it looks like an attractive option, especially if you live in Europe or the Middle East, to drive or otherwise import your car to Turkey. An added advantage is that you can take some of your possessions with you. Can this be done?

Bringing Your Own Car from Your Country:

According to “Resolution on Application of Certain Articles of Customs Law Number 4458” attached to Council of Ministers Resolution number 2009/15481”, residents of foreign countries have the opportunity to enter and use vehicles for private use in the country of residence. In order to make this possible, however, a foreign resident must have stayed out of Turkey for 185 days or more within one year.

For How Long You Can Keep the Car in Turkey?

The maximum time a person can stay with his vehicle in Turkey is 730 days. It should be noted that this possibility is possible when the resident of Turkey has stayed abroad for a period of 185 days. For foreigners, however, the period of validity is their period of residence in Turkey.

What Documents Do You Need?

Initially, you should know that vehicles are usually registered in the passport of the person concerned when they enter the country. Thus the vehicle and the person concerned are registered together in the customs control system. You can transfer your vehicle to a temporary entry vehicle for foreign vehicles where you can indicate to the Turkish authorities if you are working for a work certificate. If you are studying a training certificate, a retirement document along with the Ministry of Interior residence permit. Vehicles can be declared for those residing abroad at the customs border control via mobile phones, tablets or computers before traveling to Turkey. With this application, customs control procedures are carried out faster. The interested should simply apply from the web site of Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade with the title “Pre-declaration Of Vehicles to be Temporarily Imported for Private Use”. The documents you need are: vehicle ownership document, an insurance policy belonging to the vehicle, passport and for the person who have been retired abroad a retirement certificate into Turkish approved by Consulate. If the vehicle does not belong to the person who enters Turkey you need a valid attorney. The following documents are accepted as an attorney: attorneys approved by Embassy, Consulate or Notary, rental agreement for the vehicles brought through leasing, the signature and confirmation of company owner or executive board for the vehicles that belong to automobile companies and the other legal entities, etc.

Who is Allowed to Drive the Car?

Those who have a first-degree kinship with the driver or owner of the car (parents, children, spouse) have the option of using the vehicle temporarily imported for private use. During travel third parties have also allowed to use the vehicle in the case that the owner of the vehicle is present. If the vehicle’s ownership belongs to another person or to the company that you are working with, you have to submit a valid attorney to the customs administration as we mentioned before while you enter the country. You should re-export your vehicle at the end of the prescribed time.

You should also take into account the following

  1. Οnly one vehicle can be brought for private use.
  2. Your car can be restored again after staying for 185 days outdoors.
  3. The title of vehicles may be transferred to another person, provided that the transfer of title has been made to the country of residence and the vehicle is taken under the control of the customs office.
  4. In case you would like to go abroad without your vehicle, you should get permission by applying and signing a commitment within the General Customs Communiqué about the temporary importation of land vehicles
  5. Υou can go abroad without your vehicle by leaving it to the customs office.
  6. There is permission to bring your caravan or trailer together with your car.
  7. There is no restriction for right-hand drive vehicles.

Buying a New Car in Turkey

There is also the option of buying a car for a foreigner in Turkey. Many times it has been found that foreigners have some tax advantages. In recent years, the car market in Turkey has been growing. Surely you may have noticed the luxury cars on the streets of Istanbul as they are presented in the soap operas that are responding around the world. It is possible to purchase new model vehicles of various brands from dealers, car markets and auto shows. Also, you can find information and pictures of used cars online and through newspapers. But first of all, in order to buy a foreign car in Turkey must have a valid residence permit. The vehicle registration procedure and documents that required are the same for both foreigners and Turkish citizens and is issued with a license plate from the MA/MZ group. The registration paperwork on a buyer’s behalf is generally managed by dealers. Within three months of purchase, a new car must be registered to Traffic Registration Offices (Trafik Tescil Bürolarına). The vehicle registration documents that required include:

  1. Notary sales transaction (Noter Satış Senedi)
  2. Invoice of sale (Fatura)
  3. Highway certificate of compliance (Technical Document) (Karayolu uygunluk belgesi)
  4. ÖTV (special consumption tax) receipt (Özel Tüketim Vergisi/ÖTV Ödendi Makbuzu)
  5. Compulsory motor insurance (Zorunlu Motor Sigortası)

A foreign resident of Turkey is given a tax exemption if he buys a new car. The tax exemption means that the foreigner is entitled to buy a new car from an authorized dealer in the country without paying the known Special Consumption Tax (Özel Tüketim Vergisi, ÖTV) or Value Added Tax (Katma Değer Vergisi, KDV). This benefit is passed on also when you want to sell your car to another foreigner in Turkey It is important to say that tax-free cars are exempt from these taxes, but the annual road tax (bandrol) must be paid.

Renting a Car in Turkey

Thousands of foreign guests visit Turkey every year. Foreign may also need to rent a car while they are in the country. For this reason, they can get services by visiting the companies that provide car rental services. Foreign can benefit in the same way as Turkish Citizens However, there are some procedures that people with a driving license must follow in order to drive in Turkey. They should pay attention to the content of the contract they have signed. An important thing to know is that the language of the contract must be English, an international language, regardless of the nationality of the person. We must also mention that you can rent a car daily, weekly or even monthly.

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