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Closing Costs

While purchasing a property in Turkey, there are taxes for the government and some expenses to be made before receiving the title deed. %2 – %4

Purchasing tax: When a sale occurs between two parties, %4 of the sales price should be paid to the government. Usually this is divided as %2 for the buyer and %2 for the developer. %1 – %18

VAT (Value Added Tax): For commercial units and properties over 150 m2 net area, VAT to be paid is %18. For properties under 150 m2 net area, %1 VAT will be paid. ≈ $1000

Utilities: For electricity, water, gas connections to your apartments and registrations, approximately $1000 expense should be made.

Other Expenses: Depending on the property you are buying and companies you deal with, there might be different expenses such as “stamp duty expense, notary expenses, legal support expenses”.

CCT investments do not charge you for any extra service and guarantee you to minimize your costs by avoiding extra expenses. In total, your closing costs will be %3,5 of the sales price roughly which will be all paid to the government directly when you buy a property in Turkey through CCT Investments.

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