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Converting Istanbul Card to a Shopping Card

Posted on 18 December 2015
Updated On: 6 July 2020

The Municipal council of Istanbul has decided to grant the Istanbul card used in public transportation the banking cards feature, so it can be used as a substitute for the banking cards when buying from the markets and stores. This decisions can affect the daily life of Istanbul in a positive way.

And the Municipality of Istanbul has announced that they are currently studying how to develop this application and the possibility of connecting it to the Turkish banking system.

What is new?

Also they pointed that this application is based on charging the card with money and then the possibility of using that money to buy from Shops, Markets, Restaurants, parking areas, shopping malls and cafes. Payment cards that can be used in tracking online via mobile phone or internet.

Where to buy the card?

It is noted that the application will be applied in the first phase as a start in the chain stores “BİM” the largest chain of retail stores in Turkey in the year 2016.

Where will it be used?

It will be applied in Istanbul first, then will be generalized in the rest of the provinces of Turkey.

It is worth mentioning that BİM is the company who will operate the system for 15 years. They will be paying 1.5 Million Lira yearly to Istanbul Municipality.

On the other hand Istanbul Cards or as it is known in Turkish (Akbil) is very popular and its monthly usage is 180 Millions, so converting it to a shopping card will make even more usable and important and will make daily life easier in Istanbul especially for regular people and foreigners who don’t have a bank account. Although still all details are not published. It will be more clear in early 2016.

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