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Foreigners Investment in Turkey

Posted on 21 December 2015
Updated On: 30 March 2020

Boom achieved by the Turkish economy, during the past few years, at a time when major economies have suffered from a severe crisis, prompted many Arab investments, particularly in the Arab Gulf to move and start a new destination was the same common denominators with them.

During the past few years, Turkey has been able to enter the club of the top countries to become in the high places globally in terms of the size of its economy, and after that recorded high growth rates encourage investors to go to their experiences in the Turkish league.

And despite the uncertainty that hanging over the Turkish economy in the recent times, because of the tension’s situation on its borders, and lack of clarity in the internal political scene. But the real estate sector is still a large turnout among investors, especially Arabs.

Experts emphasized, also, that the real estate investment in Turkey is witnessing a rise of between 15% and 30% on an annual basis at least, as it comes after the release of Turkey legally real estate a few years ago allows foreigners to own apartments and real estate completely freely, without a residency requirement, prompting many to put their effort in investment.

Opening the field that Turkey has done, accelerated the pace of competition between investors, whether they are Arabs or foreigners, where Turkish is estimated that the investment sector attracted about 35 thousand of British investors.

Gulf stormed the Turkish real estate market

According to the Turkish first Gulf Forum for investment and real estate development in Istanbul, It is expected to see Arab investments in the Turkish real estate sector, an increase of 6 billion dollar, and is expected that the total number of real estate that Arab investors will buy approximately 20 thousand housing units.

Saudis are the largest investors in Turkey

Saudi investors top the list of foreign investment in real estate in Turkey, where the total area was bought by the Saudis of Real Estate 910 thousand square meters, while the first five months have seen from the 2015, high demand by Gulf to buy homes and property in Turkey, reaching the Gulf’s share of total space bought by foreigners in Turkey, 1.9 million square meters. The competition in the real estate investment between Arab and foreign investors has led to an increase in the proportion of sales by about 84% in 2015, compared to last year.

As a matter of fact Istanbul ranked first among the top-selling Turkish cities of real estate where the total number of properties sold during the period, 15 thousand and 994 properties. Turkish capital, Ankara, ranked second among the most selling real estate during the period in question, where the total number of properties sold is 9 thousand and 810 properties, followed by the city of Izmir in third place with 5 thousand and 251 properties.

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