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Gardens in Istanbul

Posted on 25 December 2015
Updated On: 6 July 2020

Istanbul is distinct from other cities with its natural beauty and charm and with its ancient history too, and like any other historical monuments in Istanbul, gardens remained to this day and has maintained its beauty over the years. Following are the most important gardens in Istanbul:

Jamila Sultan Garden:

This garden is considered a private property in Istanbul. Bought by the Sultan Abdul Majid in memory of his daughter Jamila Sultan, but it then became a property of one princes of the Ottomans, and then for a Greek films producer, and after a time The Institute of The Educational and Social Services in The Chamber of Istanbul Trade rented it, restored it and organized it again. Now, people are not allowed to enter, except all the chamber members and students of the university. The garden opens its doors for establish activities and events with a prior reservation.

Haji Osman Garden:

The Haji Osman Garden is one of the largest parks in Istanbul. Where is situated on an area of 107 hectares in the Sariyer area in Istanbul. The park includes pine and oak trees and others. And even now it is not organized, but residents of the area go there to practice walking and cycling. This park gives visitors a chance to escape from the noise of Istanbul and breathe clean air..

Ayaz Agha Garden:

This park is located inside the Palace “Ayaz Agha” in Sariyer in Istanbul, and extends over a 7.8 hectares area. During the covenant of Sultan Mahmud the second, he entered the garden into the palace under the management of “special treasury.” Where there was a palace for hunting, and the Sultan used to go hunting in his spare time.There are pomegranate, oak and chestnut trees in the garden, which reached a length of more than forty meters and there are no other in Istanbul Gardens trees such length.

Mother Bagh Garden:

The Mother Bagh garden or Adila Sultan garden extends on 354 thousand square meters in space inside the Palace “Adila Sultan” in Uskudar district on the Asian side of Istanbul.

The establishment history of the park goes back to the covenant of Sultan Selim the third, who created inside the palace garden for his mother “Mehri Shah”. But the Sultan Abdul Aziz ordered to establish another palace in his palace within the park to his sister Adila Sultan, and so the park took its current name.

Osman Gazi Garden:

Osman Gazi Garden is located in Omrania area, and with its old name “Oormanih” which means the forest in Istanbul. This area has been covered with trees, so it is said that this region took its name from the word “Oormanih”.

Because of the increase in population and the number of buildings in the region there was not left a lot of green spaces. This Garden almost is the only green space in the region.

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