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Historical Egyptian Market in Istanbul

Posted on 22 January 2016
Updated On: 6 July 2020

Spice pazar photo

Egyptian Market is in Istanbul or the so-called spice Market an integral part of the old Ottoman Turkish civilization and culture and was known as the commercial center of Istanbul in what was seen from distinctive commercial traffic previously, The Market was built by Sultan Murad the third in 1597 AD and the target of the Market was financing expenses of building and construction of the new mosque located opposite the market, which officially opened in 1664.

Egyptian market image

In the Market there are about 89 shops, of which 21 shops for gold, 10 of them for gifts and luxuries and 4 shops for clothing and the remaining for spices, herbs and nuts, Egyptian Market label or what is known as Egyptian Bazaar Istanbul turkey goes back due to the advent of the coffee Market in the Ottoman Empire from Egypt, which was one of the Ottoman Empire States.

The Egyptian Bazaar photo

During 1947 and after World War II, the modern Turkish government has done some changes to the Market where the Market was for a long time specializes in selling herbal and folk remedies, but the government has turned the Market to selling basic foodstuffs due to the economic crisis experienced by the country after World War II.



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