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Posted on 2 September 2015
Updated On: 7 July 2020

Hotels have always been a great attraction for people, where you can enjoy the luxury life and also feel like you are at home. But why not own a property that brings you this luxury as well as benefiting you financially?

Since investments are now in high demand, more than ever, a new concept has emerged recently in the real estate market in Turkey, the Hotel Management System, or also known as project management.

The hotel management is a great choice for investments, where your property will be managed by a well-known worldwide hotel chain during the year, just like a hotel room. The profit will be shared, after deducting necessary fees, like maintenance, for example. And when you think of having a vacation of your own, your apartment will be ready, you can spend up to 3 weeks in your property, free of charge of course, and enjoy the luxurious style of a hotel. Your rental is guaranteed up to 8 % in some project of this kind, they take into consideration all the factors that would attract the guest into staying, like the location, hotel facilities, and close by social activities, etc.  Thus ensuring the renting of your apartment.

Swisotel Residences

One of these projects would be the first branded Swissotel Residences in Istanbul. Where you have an option of buying just one room of the total of 160, or an entire floor. This project now is part of the Kozapark project in Bahcesehir, the new favorite residential, and entertainment center of Istanbul.

The investment is this project is favored, due to the location mainly, and other attractions of the site. The Kozapark development is going to include one of the world’s largest tennis academies. Also, the Koza World of Sport complex hosted the first ever ATP tennis tournament in Istanbul, and the WTA Istanbul Cup in 2015. So you can imagine that once this hotel is open in 2019, it would attract many visitors, and once you decide on buying a property here, you can be certain that your rental will be guaranteed with the management.

Wyndham Hotel

Another great choice for such concept is Wyndham Hotel, in Future Park project, located in Esenyurt, just at the intersection of E-5 and TEM. The value of this project is due to its closeness to Tuyap exhibition center, one of the biggest centers of Istanbul, and the third new airport, which alone, will bring bigger profit for your investment. Equipped with the latest technologies, Future Park has already started providing profits for investors. The green space, and numerous surrounding facilities, keeps on attracting attention to this development.

This hotel project would include a total of 348 rooms, designed in the most luxurious way possible, to assure the comfort of their residents. And Whdham Hotel Groups known to be one of the most prestigious hotel brands in the world. Just like in Swissotel, you would have a total of two week stay in your apartment, and your rental income guaranteed up to 8% within two years, increasable.

Auris Hotels

Yet another hotel chain comes to mind when thinking of hotel management, Auris Hotel Group, has already started managing projects here, and is continuing to do so, they are in the final stages of a great investment project near the airport, consisting of only small types of unites, Prime Tower, as well as a new launching one, in Beylikduzu, Crown Palace, both developed by Babacan. The cooperation between Auris Group and Babacen is guaranteeing up to 8 % rental income, in two years period.

Just recently a new project has been launched for sales, in Safakoy, developed and managed by Babacan and Auris Group respectively. The location for this project would be prefect for investment, as it is located near Ataturk airport, where more people tend to stay, when in town for business.

Seize the opportunity with this new hotel management concept, much advisable for investments, providing the highest profit returns in the shortest period of time compared to other investments, as well as not having to deal with the hassle of finding a tenant.

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