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House Sales in Turkey in 2017

Posted on 13 February 2018
Updated On: 30 June 2020

1.409.314 Property Sales Have Been Made in 2017 All Around Turkey

According to TUIK, residential sales in Turkey has increased by 5.1% in 2017 compared to the previous year. Istanbul is the first one with 16.9% share in which most of the sales are done that 238.383 residential sales occured. Ankara is the second one with 10.7% share which equals 150.561 sales and Izmir is the third one with 6% share which equals 84.184 sales. On the other hand, the least number of sales has occured in Hakkari in which only 124 sale deals are done in 2017.


22.234 Property Sales Have Made to Foreign Citizens in 2017 All Around Turkey

Residential sales to foreign investors in Turkey have increased by 22,2% compared the previous year. Istanbul took the first place with 8.182 residential sales that equals about 36% of whole sales to foreigners. Antalya is the second one with 4,707 sales and Bursa is the third one with 1,079 sales.

Looking at December of 2017, the residential sales to foreigners in Turkey is 2,164. The first one in which most of sales has occured is again Istanbul with 802 in December of 2017. The second, third and the forth ones are respectively Antalya with 378 residential sales, Bursa with 188 residential sales and Yalova.


Iraqi Citizens were the Ones Who Bought a Property in Turkey at Most

Iraqi citizens invested in 3.805 residential properties in 2017 in Turkey. After Iraqi citizens, Saudi citizens bought 3.345 residential properties in Turkey. The rest is respectively Kuwaiti citizens with 1.691 properties, Russian citizens with 1.331 properties, and Afghan citizens with 1.078 residential properties.

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