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Housing Sales Statistics in Turkey in December 2018

Posted by CCT Investments on 5 February 2019
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136,845 Housing was Sold in December 2018 in Turkey

Housing sales in Turkey increased by 2.9% when compared to the same month of the previous year and because 136,845 units in the month of December 2018. In house sales, Istanbul took the first place with 26,541 house sales and 19.4% share. According to sales figures, Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 12,095 house sales and 8,8% share and İzmir with 6,960 house sales and 5,1% share. The provinces with low housing sales were Ardahan with 13 residences, Hakkari with 32 houses and Bayburt with 48 houses, respectively.

Sales with Residential Mortgage Mounted to 7,148 in December 2018

In Turkey, 7148 houses were sold by mortgage, showing 79% decrease compared to the same month of the previous year. The share of mortgaged sales in total housing sales was 5.2%. In mortgaged sales, İstanbul ranked first with 1,461 house sales and 20.4% share. Among the mortgaged sales rates in total housing sales, Edirne became the province with the highest share of mortgage sales with 12.7%.

As a Result of Other Sales Types, 129,697 Houses Have Changed Hands

Other housing sales in Turkey increased by 31.1% compared to the previous year’s same month and resulted in 129,697 sales. In other housing sales, Istanbul ranked first with 25,080 houses being sold and had 19.3% share. Among the total house sales in Istanbul, the share of other sales was 94.5%. Ankara ranked second with 11,315 other housing sales. Ankara was followed by İzmir with 6,565 houses sold. The province with the lowest other housing sales was Ardahan with 12 houses.

Sales to Foreigners

In December 2018, 4,560 houses were sold to foreigners. Istanbul ranked first with 2,170 houses sold in December. Istanbul was followed by Antalya with 744 houses, Bursa with 252 houses and Ankara with 251 houses.

69,861 Houses Sold for the First Time in the Market

In Turkey, compared to the same month of the previous year, the number of houses sold increased by 4.8% for the first time and resulted in 69,861 sales. The share of the first sale in the total housing sales was 51.1% In the first sales, Istanbul had the highest rates with 13,723 house sales and 19,6% share, followed by Ankara with 5,077 house sales and İzmir with 3,158 house sales.

66,984 House has Changed Hands in Second Hand Housing Sales

In the second-hand housing sales, Turkey showed a 1% increase compared to the same month of the previous year and 66,984 houses have been sold. In the second-hand housing sales, Istanbul ranked first with 12,818 housing sales and 19.1% share. The share of second-hand sales in total home sales in Istanbul was 48.3%. Ankara took the second place with the sale of 7,018 houses. Ankara was followed by İzmir with the sales of 3,802 houses.

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