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Istanbul Beaches

Posted on 11 March 2016
Updated On: 3 July 2020

With the approach of the summer season, a lot of lovers of the swimming sport begin searching for the appropriate tourist places to go and enjoy the atmosphere of recreation refreshing eliminate the burning summer sun. Istanbul is one of the outstanding tourist cities which hosts millions of tourists annually.

Istanbul Municipality has worked in the last ten years on the preparation of a number of special swimming coasts, it can be enumerated as follows:

Nakibey Coast:

Ten years ago, and it keeps the first rank among the cleanest coasts in Istanbul. Located in Buyuk Ada, where the sound of nature filled with the singing of the birds and the rustle of the trees. You can go to Nakibey Coast through a private ships go to the islands, which runs from Kabataş area. Municipality of the islands dramatically care about Nakibey Coast, and is working on cleaning it every week.

Dalyan Coast:

Located in Demirciköy area. It was opened by the municipality in 2002. Overlooking the Black Sea, and contains a lot of stadiums, restaurants, recreational and cultural cafes, devoted to reading books amid impressive quiet. The cost to access to Dalyan Coast 15 TL, which is about 5 $.

Solar Coast:

Covering a total of 30 thousand square kilometers, and it is the largest coast of Turkey. Solar Coast works 24 hours, and it is unique to that in Turkey. It contains a number of diverse sports stadiums and held by many concerts, and Istanbul Municipality didn’t forget allocation of places for children as well. The Solar Coast is located in Kilyos area.

Golden Coast:

Overlooking the Black Sea. Golden Coast includes 6 rooms for sauna, as characterized by containing a jogging track and track for bicycles, playground for the exercise of network sport, and another to practice basketball sport, and it must be pointed out the walls of climbing that simulates the mountains, which provides the opportunity to practice climbing sport. Visitors are received between eighth and fifth hour, it is located in Rumeli Feneri area.

Burc Coast:

Located in Gumush Dara region, Borg beach length in about 2 kilometer. It has a large cafe fit comfortably 150 people and a parking can contains approximately a 600 cars. Usually “Bogazici” University students go there since it’s near to them.

Udo Istanbul Coast:

Located in the area of Tuzla, with its sport halls and great restaurants it attracts lots of visitors. Work in Udo Coast begins at eight o’clock in the morning and continue until six o’clock in the evening. Udo Istanbul coast gives its visitors the opportunity to practice windsurfing through professional training team.

Kamos Coast:

Despite the small area of Camus Coast, it is still charms visitors by its high quality provided services. Regularly many concerts and barbecues parties are held there, Camus Coast is adjacent to the coast of Nakibe, which is located in Keneally Island.

Florya Coast:

Located in the west of Istanbul in Floria area, it’s near to the metro bus and minibuses. It receives Visitors between nine in the morning till six in the evening.

It is worth mentioning that Turkey’s beaches ranks second globally.

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