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Istanbul More Important Than Ever in World of Exhibitions

Posted on 7 May 2019
Updated On: 30 June 2020

In addition to Istanbul’s cultural, historical and tourist significance, Istanbul is one of the most important exhibition centers around the world. It is expected to host nearly half of the exhibitions in Turkey this year, besides that Turkey is the second most-hosted exhibition in Europe. With an average annual exhibition of 400. This figure will grow significantly in the coming years, certainly after the opening of Istanbul’s new airport, which has made the city an important attraction in the world of travel and aviation.

Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the world because of its strategic location and because it is one of the most important economic cities in Turkey. therefore, preparing to introduce itself into the list of the top 10 economies around the world in 2023.

Istanbul also boasts a host of local and international exhibitions. According to information from the World Trade Center in Istanbul, the latter is hosting the biggest and most important exhibition events in Turkey.

This Turkish city has 10 huge exhibition spaces, with 154 companies specializing in exhibitions. and in view of past years, Istanbul was the largest shareholder among Turkish states. Where it hosted 168 exhibitions during 2010, rising to 204 the following year and by 2014 Istanbul alone hosted 215 exhibitions, a record for the past 11 years.

In the areas where the exhibitions are held, the educational fairs were the most visited among other exhibitions, while equestrian shows and horses were the least. According to the Chamber of Commerce Federation, the country hosted 475 exhibitions during 2017, of which Istanbul hosted 197.

Istanbul is expected to host 211 of the 458 exhibitions in Turkey this year, or 46 per cent of the them.

In an interview with Mr. Şekib Avdagiç, head of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, he said that the commercial influence of Istanbul is growing more and more efficiently. He added that they are working on a several projects that will develop the economic and commercial sector in the city. He explained that the aim of these projects is to multiply the area and the number of exhibition spaces in Istanbul and pointed to the focus on the adoption of a modern concept and contemporary exhibitions.

He said that this step will strengthen the commercial sector in Istanbul and increase its attractiveness throughout the world, pointing out that it is a turning point for the exhibition sector in Turkey and Istanbul in particular

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