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Istanbul’s Chambers of Commerce & Industry

Posted on 9 February 2016
Updated On: 3 July 2020

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is working to make its members regional power in their country, and is capable of directing itself in line with the global economic conditions, and being the largest share of the international trade business.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce provides solutions to the issues and structural problems experienced by the private sector, and plays an essential role in the development of the competitive power of Turkey, providing a stable and secure environment for growth of the economy of Turkey, as well as mandating to support the development of commercial and economic life in all its aspects.

It is the largest Chamber of Commerce in Europe and fifth worldwide, with more than 500 specialized members.
– Its number of members exceeds 380 thousand members.
– Offer their services to the average number of 13,500 visitors each day.
– Registering over 250 thousand cases per year.

– An average of 2000 trading visas cases each year.
– Offer the possibility to train hundreds of students per year.
– Receives more than 100 trade delegation per year.
– Organizes more than 25 exhibition outside the country per year.
– Organizes about 50 conferences, seminars and awareness meetings per year.
– It established the first arbitration council in Turkey, and it continues its work in making Istanbul a global arbitration center.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry

Istanbul Chamber of Industry is working on the production of information and the formation of policies and regulations to cooperate with owners of domestic and foreign commercial interests, according to local and international standards.

The Chamber contribute to supporting the sustainable development of the trade sector by offering innovative services that add value to industrial companies. It also works on the industrial infrastructure and ecosystems to help guide policy-makers in the formation and implementation of laws concerning the trade sector.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry seeks to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its members in the industrial environment, achieving Turkish growth in the industry according to international standards.

The Chamber gives documents to encourage investment in order to accomplish high value-added investments in accordance with the objectives set out in the development plans, and increase production and users, and to encourage large-scale regional investments, which includes research and development.

It also organizes the Industry Conference since 2002. And it’s working on the implementation of Europe Network enterprise that supports the participation of companies with the technology and the research and development of international partners. It also provides support to its members in the areas related to the environment since 1990, such as environmental projects and waste management, mining, and carbon emissions and afforestation.

Recently the Chamber of Industry increased its work in the field of energy efficiency in industrial sector, and domestic renewable energy resources, domestic production of energy equipment and the possibilities of financing and the production of a variety of resources plus the nuclear power industry.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry provides based training and consulting activities in order to assist its members in supporting the strength of competition in foreign markets and access to employment opportunities in high-potential markets.
And it operates as a link in a network of European companies since 2008. The network provides European companies with foreign trade-related services to help members of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in finding new customers and partners.

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