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Make Aydos Forests Your Next Destination

Posted on 21 October 2016
Updated On: 1 July 2020

6  reasons make you want to visit Aydos Forests and spend the weekend in there before the cold of winter comes, where it is characterized by its location in the center of Istanbul and its distance from the hustle and bustle city.

  1. Characterized by its charming and magnificent nature, which offers the opportunity for visitors to union with nature and at the same time its unique location near the coast and near the highway E5 makes it easy to access for everyone.
  2. Aydos Forests are considered as one of the ideal areas for practicing sports like running or walking, as it gives you the opportunity to practice these sports in the middle of the lap of nature and trees wrapped around each other.
  3. Istanbul has many streets that allow for amateur cycling to practice their hobby but Aydos Forests has ways where they are more convenient to ride a bicycle in the middle of the lap of nature and under the tall green trees.
  4. If the visitors want to get acquainted with the beauty and charm of the area, they can ride jet skis and do an exploratory tour in the water pond in an Aydos Forest.
  5. Aydos Forest is also suitable for shooting practice and playing paint ball game, where visitors can unload their energies through the exercise of the activities, games and sports they like.
  6. And also there is a chance for catching fish lovers to practice their hobby on the edge of the pond in the forest.

These reasons and many others make Aydos Forests a great opportunity to spend a weekend in a charming and quiet place and close to the city at the same time.

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