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Markets for Souvenirs in Istanbul

Posted on 28 March 2016
Updated On: 2 July 2020

Istanbul Souvenirs imageShopping in Istanbul, one of the pleasures offered by this wonderful city, with its ancient Markets and modern boutiques, and when you visit them, you must acquire from them a beautiful gifts, distinctive and special Souvenirs of this ancient city, and in this article we offer you the opportunity to learn about some of the distinctive and cheap Markets in Istanbul, as well as the most beautiful gifts that we recommend you purchase it from here.

Grand Bazaar

The tourists considered Grand Bazar the favorite place in the old city, the Market is located in Beyazit area, which is away from the Sultanahmet area, two tram stations. The Grand Bazar is considered of the great archaeological Markets.

The Market includes under its roof a thousands of diverse shops, in this network of lanes and alleys, there are more than 4,000 shop, for each profession its own area in the Market, so there are jeweler’s street, seller of carpets street and others, and is available in this Market that appeal to every taste, and what fits every budget.

There are many types of traditional and modern jewelry, also shops of rugs offers pieces with beautiful designs and wonderful colors, are also available in the Market as well, the products of professions and the Turkish arts, like hand-painted ceramic dishes, wrought copper, trays and water pitchers, which are all wonderful gifts and Souvenirs the tourists can take with them to their countries.

Grand-Bazaar image

Mahmoud Pasa Market

Mahmoud Pasha Market is located in Eminonu district of Sultanahmet, near the Egyptian Market, and you will find there many products, several of Turkish goods with best prices, such as bags shops, make-up, boots, mementos and shawls.

Behind the new mosque, there are spices Market (Egyptian Market), where the air holds the cinnamon flavor, caraway, saffron, mint, thyme, and every imaginable kind of herbs and spices.

Mahmoud-Pasa image

Egyptian Market

Egyptian Market is a huge Market, and is more than 700-year-old, as the number of its stores are more than 4,000 store, and is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Istanbul, it includes the Eastern antiques shops, leather goods, ceramics and crafts, and is an ideal place to buy gifts.

Egyptian-Market image

There is also the Istanbul Art Market dating from the eighteenth century AD, in Mohammed Effendi School in Sultanahmet Square.

And close to this Market, is located CAFERAGA MEDRESESI built by architect Sinan in the sixteenth century, which is now using as cultural center, and in both of these places, areas where Turkish handicrafts and goods are sold.

As well as also in ARASTA there (old bazaar) of the Sultanahmet Mosque, which is crowded well-known shopping center.

ARASTA photo

There in Istanbul also what is known of not fixed bazaars, always held on specific days a week, and in the certain areas, there are, for example, the bazar open on Sundays, is located between sahaflar carsisi and Grand bazar, and there is Market in Aksaray area called “Horhor Market“, opens in weekends, and on Sundays there is a Market opens up between Buyukdere street and Sariyer.

What are the most beautiful gifts that must be purchased in Istanbul?

Turkish Delight (Lokum)

Your visit to Istanbul is not considered complete without tasting this Turkish sweets, world-renowned, different colors and delicious flavors. You can go to the Grand Bazaar, to see piles of them in front of your eyes, in a variety of combinations of delicious flavors, and perhaps the most prestigious place there, is Haci Bekir, who is known since 1777 of quality and luxury.

Lokum photo


The glasswork, or so-called glassware, which are different shapes and colors and motifs, with a special beauty and charm, tourists are flocking to buy them at reasonable prices, which part of it for practical use, such as kitchen utensils, or what is just beautiful for display formats, and is one of the most beautiful the most important gifts, which have a special character in Turkey.

Glasswork photo

Turkish Carpet

It is known that hand-made carpet, is the best Souvenir from Istanbul. Not only because it gives a stunning décor for every home, but also for being tells the story of thousands of years, from the pride of the Turkish Industry and high quality.

Turkish-Carpets photo

Silk Scarves and Shawls

Despite being light and does not take much size and weight, but it is an elegant gift makes any woman happy, and the most famous Turkish brands that produce it, is Vakko Company, which is known on a global level in this sector.

Silk-Scarves-and-Shawls image

Turkish Pots kit

The table sets, and the most famous porcelain Turkish coffee cups, is distinctive touch in all Turkish houses, are indispensable, especially coffee and tea cups sets, pots provide food and desserts, so make sure dear tourist if possible, to get one of these sets from Turkey, to add a distinctive Turkish touch in your house, and it will charm everyone who visits you, wondering from any country you got it.

Turkish-Coffee-cups image

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