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Mega Projects Still Under Progress

Posted on 29 July 2016
Updated On: 2 July 2020

Although the state of emergency was declared in the country for three months, but the major economic projects are still in progress, according to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s strict instructions.

Where The Turkish President stressed that the state of emergency would not affect the economic situation in Turkey and asked the Turks and foreign investors to follow their projects and not to stop and even invited them to intensify as well.

Some of these projects that will work on completing on the medium and long term:

Istanbul’s third airport:

Rapidly it is working on the completion of the Istanbul’s third airport, where it had been spending nearly two billion euros on its implementation and it has been completed 27 percent of the construction of the project so far. And it is planned to be the opening of the airport in the early months of 2018 and it is expected that the airport receives about two thousand plane per day and that with the end of the first stage and after completing it fully it will receive three thousand plane a day.

Project of the road between Istanbul and Izmir:

It will complete 120 kilometers of the total length of 433 kilometers by the end of this year, where the road will connect the Bursa city with the bridge which was opened recently “Osman Gazi Bridge”. The entire project will be terminated in 2018 as it was scheduled from the companies involved before the failed coup attempt that took place in the current July 15.

Eurasia Tunnel Project:

Eurasia Tunnel will be opened in 20th of December 2016 , where the connecting tunnel between the two Asian and European sides of Istanbul city through the motorway at the bottom of the Bosphorus. The length of the total tunnel 14.6 kilometers and the section which will be at the bottom of the sea amounts to a length of 3.4 kilometers, and the tunnel will help to alleviate the pressure on both sides of the bridges that link the city.

Airport Project of Reza and Artvin Cities:

The Airport of Rize and Artvin cities is one of the important projects that is on the agenda of the Turkish government, where it will be displayed for tender before the end of this year.

Railway Project (Baku – Tbilisi – Kars):

It is expected to complete working on connecting the railway project between the Azerbaijani capital Baku and the Turkish state Kars via the town of Tbilisi in Georgia and it is expected the railway to contribute to transfer million passengers per year from Asia to Europe and vice versa.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Project:

Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge project will be opened in Istanbul city on 26th of next August, where the bridge connects the two sides of Istanbul city.

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