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Miniaturk Istanbul

Posted on 22 February 2016
Updated On: 3 July 2020

According to the Department of Culture in Istanbul Municipality, that five million domestic and foreign tourists visited the “Miniaturk” Museum (mini Turkey), which is the first museum for maquettes, that illustrates the cultural and civilizational landmarks in Turkey.

miniaturk 1 photo

The museum includes replicas of many Turkish cultural and civilizational symbols, and other models is added to it from time to time , notably the mosque, “Hagia Sophia”, the Castle “Rumeli”, the “Galata Tower”, and “safranbolu houses”, and ” Sumela monastery”. The museum also has a mock “Dome of the Rock” and “Mount of Nemrut”.

Miniaturk-Hagia-Sophia image

And one of the models who has been added to the museum recently, model of the “Maiden’s Castle”, which is one of the most important historical and touristic places in the Turkish city “Mersin”, This model is the first historical monument of the Turkish city “Mersin” in this museum.

Maiden's Castle photo

The museum offers to its visitors the service of hearing the historical information about the monuments of maquettes phonetically in nine languages, which are: Turkish, English, French, Arabic, German, Russian, Persian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Miniaturk-2 image

The museum visitors also enjoying a tour of the outdoors, hiking in places allocated for families and children. The place is suitable for those who are fed up indoor and prefers open spaces, and it can be find in the Museum that overlooking the coast of the Golden Horn Bay.

miniaturk-5 photo

The “miniaturk” Museum was opened in 2003, the museum began to attract millions of visitors a year, most of them local. And the museum was enable to get a Certificate of Excellence from the site “TripAdvisor” which is the largest site for tourism and travel in the world.

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