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New Launching Projects in 2015

Posted on 3 February 2015
Updated On: 7 July 2020

For many years, construction sector has a very big growth in Turkey and can be seen as one of the main drivers of Turkish economy. Many indicators as; the growing young population, successful economy, low taxes, increasing demand from international investors thanks to the liberal, safe investment environment are yielding to new projects to be built by the main developers of Turkey.

Many developers have already announced that they will launch new project in 2015 as well. The incentives given by the government is not only the reason for these plans as we have to take into account the big domestic and international demand existing in Turkey real estate market. Recently, the government has also announced a new support to Turkish citizens that are going to buy their first property. All these factors are encouraging the construction companies to build bigger scaled projects with higher quality in upcoming years.

Obviously we can say launching projects are big opportunities for investors. Buying a property at this stage can be seen as a risk, but many investors in Turkey experienced the advantage of buying with low prices at this stage and they benefited from the appreciation they had until the completion.

The important point here is dealing with the right companies in order to minimize your risks and maximize your future profits. As CCT Investments, we are acting on our customers’ side with our free consultation, and we recommend them only the companies we trust. We take into consideration many criteria but one essential thing you have to know when buying from a launching project is if they can provide bank credits or not.

Buying a property with bank credits in Turkey for a foreigner is not an easy process. You need to declare some income of yours in Turkey to get credits from a Turkish bank and this is usually not possible. But the idea here is different. Asking a developer and knowing if they can provide bank credits or not can clear all your question marks at one. Because, if a bank gives bank credits to buyers in a project, this means; the developer is financially strong, they have references which shows they can finish the project on time, and all legal papers and permissions are taken for the construction.

We hope this new year will be a profitable year for all our investors. In order to be posted at presale stages and first days of launching projects in Turkey real estate market, we remind you to send your contact details to us for us to inform you about these. You can also follow us in our social media channels in order to hear the most updated news in Turkey real estate market.

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