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Places You Must Visit Near To Istanbul

Posted on 16 September 2016
Updated On: 2 July 2020

places-you-must-visit-near-to-istanbul-photoBefore the end of summer, you must visit these beautiful places in Istanbul to move away from the ambience of overcrowding and to relax in the arms of beautiful nature and to spend unforgettable times with your family:

  1. Ağva: In recent years this region has seen large turnout by tourists as it is located near Istanbul and characterized by its charming natural and quiet and poetic ambience and music and confabulation sessions ambiance at nightağwa-photo
  2. Abant: This area follows Polo state which is near Istanbul and it is considered as one of the best places to spend a weekend in which, as it looks as if it is a piece of heaven on earth.abant-photo
  3. Silivri: This area is very suitable for anyone who wants to escape the crowded Istanbul and spend some enjoyable days comfortably and quietly.silivri-photo
  4. Maşukiye: Located close to Istanbul and it has a great fame among tourists, where there are many tourist facilities that provide all that is needed by tourists and it is also famous for salmon. masukiye-photo
  5. Garipçe Köy: This village is known as the fishing village and it is located in the heart of Istanbul, but it is characterized by its distance from traffic congestion and bustle of the city. garipce-koy-photo
  6. Polonezköy: this area which follow Istanbul is featured with calm and beautiful nature and it is very suitable to spend the weekend because of the practice of many hobbies such as horseback riding and walk around in the woods.polonezkoy-photo
  7. Sapanca: Ideal area for a short holiday, characterized by the quiet lake, and many waterfalls and many restaurants scattered near waterfalls and charming nature, and the most beautiful description can be described this region as being generous.sapanca-photo
  8. Avşa Adası: This area is characterized by magnificent nature and its calm and its beaches of golden sand. avsa-adasi-photo
  9. Kandıra Bölgesi: Very convenient place for those wishing to swim in beautiful beaches, where this region is located between Istanbul and Koca state.kandira-bolgesi-photo
  10. Marmara Adası: A large island in the Sea of Marmara, characterized by its fresh nature and with olive and pistachios trees.marmara-adasi

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