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Procedures and Documents to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Posted on 29 September 2019
Updated On: 25 June 2020

The Turkish government has eased the requirements for granting Turkish citizenship for several things, namely buying a property or investing and depositing in Turkish banks for a certain period. Where the investor can obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for the purchase of a property worth 250 thousand dollars, or by depositing the amount of 500 thousand dollars in a Turkish bank for a certain period of time which is 3 years.

The Directorate General of Civil Registration and Citizenship of the Ministry of Interior has published instructions regarding the special procedures for obtaining citizenship by foreign investors. These instructions state that exclusive or joint offices will be specified in Ankara and Istanbul, where the Directorate General of Civil Registration will provide services related to obtaining Nationality.

According to the instructions renewed by the government, applicants must complete the investment process by either buying the property or booking the amount at a Turkish bank and then applying for a certificate of conformity that allows the applicant to obtain the nationality referred to in Article 31 of the Aliens and Protection Act. International Number: 6458 with other documents.

The application must apply for citizenship in exclusive or joint offices at the time of application, the required documents for obtaining citizenship shall be brought as follows:

1- The applicant’s passport, translated and notarized. (Identity and photo information and all entry and departure pages).

2- A birth certificate or any official document showing the date and place of birth, such as a copy of the civil registry translated and certified by the Turkish Consulate or a notary.

3- Civil status paper if married, divorced or widowed: marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, translated and certified by the Turkish Consulate or a notary.

4- If the applicant is married, a copy of the family register or similar documents proving marriage and number of children. The documents should be translated and certified by the Turkish Consulate or the Notary Public.

5- If one of the children is under the guardianship of one of the parents, provide a document stating the consent of the other parent translated and certified by the authorized employee in Turkey, or a document stating the consent of the other parent recognized by the representative offices / foreign institutions accredited, and translated and certified by the Turkish Consulate or justly written.

6- Criminal record (if requested).

7- Recent biometric images (last six months) 50 * 60 mm, white background.

8- Receipt of payment of application fees.

9- Health insurance.

10- Certificate of Conformity.

When applying for citizenship through the purchase of real estate, you must apply to the Directorate of Land Registry, which is linked to the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development, to obtain a certificate of conformity. The purpose of this document is that the cash value of the purchase of real estate has exceeded $ 250,000 USD, and it should be recognized in the Land Registry that the status of ownership would not change for the next three years.

When obtaining citizenship by bank deposit, you must apply to the Banking Regulatory Authority’s customer relationship management to obtain a certificate of conformity to indicate that 500,000 USD or its equivalent in other currencies has been deposited in a bank operating in Turkey. And the bank account has been acknowledged not to withdraw funds for three years.

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