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Sea view from CCT 329 project
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CCT 329 – Fabay Adabuku Evleri Project

$ 245.000
CCT 329: Fabay Adbuku Evleri is located on the intersection point of Aegean and Med Sea an [more]
CCT 329: Fabay Adbuku Evleri is located on the intersection point of Aegean and Med Sea and has its private beach f [more]

What Should You Know Before Buying a Property in Bodrum?

Not only in Turkey, not only among the Mediterranean cities, Bodrum is a worldwide famous sea and holiday destination. Bodrum city is located in the southwest of Turkey on the coasts facing the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. The green mountains, dark blue waters, and other geographic features and terrains of the land could be the main attracting point for visitors, in addition to the special building style and the lovely Mediterranean weather. These features have been attracting people to live in this region since prehistoric ages too. Bodrum shares with Muğla (the province which it belongs to) and its towns, they share a far deep history that started three thousand years B.C. The land of Bodrum was hosting one of the Seven Wonders of the World that were built in the ancient ages, the Tomb of Mausolus, known as “Mausoleum at Halicarnassus”, these ruins and remains of civilizations shows how precious and resourceful this land is. Bodrum has a special fame in the marine industry world as one of the few cities in the world still making full wooden wind-powered sailing ships and boats. Additionally, Bodrum has productive agricultural land that produces a variety of crops like “Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruits, bananas, and Olives”.

What Kind of Residential Properties Can You Buy in Bodrum?

One of the most attractive points in Bodrum is the style of its houses, which consists in general of low rise buildings with two to three floors, sometimes with a garden in the ground floor, and with big balconies or terraces in the upper floors, and with a beautiful view of the sea or the city. Options of apartments start from studio apartment size, and up to multiple room flats, apartments or houses. And for sure, variant villa options are available in the outer parts of the city.

Apartments and Flats for Sale in Bodrum

The city of Bodrum is built on multiple hills and its buildings are taking the shape of an arch facing the sea as if it designed naturally to give every single building a special view. When buying an apartment in Bodrum the view matters. And the good news is the chances to get a great view is extremely high. With their lovely gardens, cozy entrances, and simple shapes, a variety of apartment options are available in those buildings in the city center. More modern apartments are available when searching in the new residential complexes built in the extensions of the city, where you can find more pools, panoramic windows, and shaded terraces.

Villas and Houses for Sale in Bodrum

Villas are people’s favorite when staying in a place like Bodrum, that’s why you may find more options of villas or houses than apartments. Villas and villa complexes are spread in the city and on the shores next to the city. A small house of two bedrooms with a pool view, or a big villa with multiple floors, big terraces, gardens, and an amazing sea view, whatever you choose you can make sure you will enjoy your stay in.

Luxury Properties and Penthouses for Sale in Bodrum

With the amazing atmosphere and views, even small apartments can be considered Luxurious in Bodrum. However, you can find super luxury houses with big gardens and terraces, private infinity swimming pools, high-quality finishing and furniture, and for sure, fascinating sea and nature views. Luxurious private villas or complexes are available on the outskirts of the city where it can be more calm, private, and special. Sailing and fishing loving people can have their own boat docks, or enjoy fishing from their doorsteps in some villas or shore houses.

What Kind of Commercial Properties You Can Find in Bodrum?

You can think of having a commercial property in such an active touristic city, where many options and types of offices, shops, markets, restaurants, cafes, workshops, and stores are all available in multiple locations in the city. In addition to hotels and commercial used apartments.

Offices and Shops for Sale in Bodrum

Offices in Bodrum are also as special as everything in the city. Because they are taking the same style as the city houses and may have a sea view as well. Offices are available more in the main streets of the city, while shops, restaurants, cafes, workshops or gift stores are spread all around the city and especially near the main beaches. Investing in one of these shops could be a side activity for your staying plan in Bodrum.

Lands and Farms for Sale in Bodrum

The land around the city of Bodrum is consisting of stony hills in the west and north parts of the peninsula, while the soil is more suitable for farming in the valleys east to the city. Bodrum eastern lands are containing hundreds of fruitful tree fields and are producing crops like “Lemons, Oranges, and Olives” and some lands are used for animal farming. Whereas, the western lands are being adapted and built little by little as the touristic city keeps expanding. Tens of lands are available for investing in farming or in building in both parts.

How Can You Buy the Most Profitable Real Estate Investments in Bodrum?

The city which has been hosting humanity activity since prehistoric ages continues to offer good living and profitable investment opportunities for us. Depending on the budget, time or the type of the property, your investment will be profitable for sure in the long term. However, to make it more profitable in a shorter time you may concentrate on the touristic characteristics of the city.

Why You Should Choose CCT Investments?

We believe in CCT Investments that our success is achieved when we gain the trust of our clients for the long term. As a consulting company, CCT Investments puts its experience in the Turkish real estate market to make sure that its clients are getting the most suitable property that would achieve their investment targets.

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