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Property Management Services in Istanbul

Posted on 7 October 2019
Updated On: 29 June 2020

One of the most important things for investors in the field of real estate in Turkey in general is the sense of financial security, a point that concerns Arab investors in particular. Whether in terms of protecting the real estate itself or in terms of protecting the investment from the volatility of the markets, and if we believe that it is very difficult or near impossible to achieve this type of security in the stock market, investment in the real estate world is the best option to reach this state of monetary security, because real estate investments are not fundamentally affected by the volatility of financial markets and if an impact occurs, this impact is small and in the long run.

After choosing the right property in order to invest and feel satisfied with its location and area, the purchase process is carried out by the investor and then start looking for companies to help him in the process of taking advantage of this property. And in this article we will talk about renting the property and managing the process of leasing after the acquisition as one way to benefit from Real Estate

What are the advantages of renting the property after purchase?

There are several profitable features and at the same time easy to operate when you rent a property such as:

First, the value of real estate cash if it does not remain the same it is constantly increasing, so no matter how small the amount of the rent compared to the real price of the property, you can calculate the increase in the price of this property and considered as a percentage added to the monthly rent and the compensation of the price of the property occurs faster and surely.

Secondly, the price of real estate is not affected by inflation in the markets and the investor’s sense of security permanently in material terms, because real estate is not affected by inflation in the markets, especially in Turkey, the mortgage in general remains constant and the investor will not pay any additional money, on the contrary it will add another income from Rental income which makes money increasingly protected almost completely from inflation and the risk of sudden rise or fall in prices, and for the investor to feel more peace of mind must be confirmed before buying from the residential area and the rate of change in prices and rent prices in the few years prior to the purchase.

Third, and the most important is to maintain the cash flow of the investor because the rental of real estate provides a regular and continuous monthly income to the owner of the property, which helps the investor to predict the amount of money that will flow to his personal account and this is not provided by investment in the money markets because they change quickly and suddenly and sometimes dangerously.

What are property management services?

We at CCT INVESTMENTS ensure that the investor receives a return from a fixed lease for his real estate investment by providing real estate rental services and managing this process for a period ranging from 3 to 5 years. Where an investor buys a property through us, we will immediately guarantee the rental of the property directly for a period of 3 to 5 years.

In addition, we assist the investor to find residential areas with good and suitable rentals in addition to furnish it and provide it for rent on his behalf, but in the absence of a tenant for the apartment we in CCT INVESTMENTS guarantee monthly rent regardless of the presence of a tenant or not and guarantee actual rentals for 3 to 5 years, once the property is purchased, the monthly return is immediately real and secure.

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