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Real Estate Opportunities in Istanbul

Posted on 6 July 2018
Updated On: 30 June 2020


As one of the largest culture capitals all around the world, Istanbul has been always one step ahead among the others, in terms of both cultural harmonization, history, business and investment opportunities. These all reflected into the way how city life shapes itself. Changing trends and life style are mixed up with the outstanding real estate projects that offer different kind of possibilities for every budget. However, in order to foresee the best option and derive benefits from it, is a bit hard due to its being chaotic and complicated. In this manner, a professional support from an international real estate agency such as CCT Investments or an encyclopedia gathering information related to properties and real estate like Property Istanbul will ease the struggles about finding the true information.

Istanbul is like a mid-level country with more than 20 million population, that almost all districts are equivalent to a city in Turkey. That is why it should be carefully considered to query necessary research depends on the location, prices and investment opportunities that differentiates from district to district. As of 2018, Properties in EsenyurtProperties in BeylikduzuProperties in Basaksehir are the most preferred ones by foreign investors which have the junction of new settlement for Istanbul. They are all in a big demand with a modernity, convenient transportation, and exclusive payment plans. Especially Esenyurt and Beylikduzu have created a huge demand in recent years with multiple investments on brand-new projects from well-known contractor companies. Having years of experience we had, it is clearly seen that most profitable locations to make real estate investment are the ones above. As for Basaksehir, it has an increasing demand from both local and international investors with its amazing mega projects that has been already done and currently has been under construction like 3rd Airport which is planned to be fully open for the service after 2021 and Kanal Istanbul Project which will be the second bosphorus dividing Istanbul into 3 parts.

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