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Top 5 Sea View Real Estate Projects of Istanbul

Posted on 3 April 2020
Updated On: 28 August 2020

Top 5 Sea View Real Estate Developments of Istanbul


You are at the cross road of two continents Asia and Europe. Istanbul invites to you numerous journeys, a journey in time, with a modern and historical atmosphere. Istanbul is more than a city, the place worth a trip itself. Byzantine, Constantinepolis and Istanbul are such mythical names for the same city.  When you start to discover the city, you will face to Byzantine heritage, ottoman culture and modernity of today. Due to the exceptional location along the Bosphorus between Europe and Asia, it is place the symbolic road between the east and west since the beginning of history. This convergent shapes the whole city for ages.

Beyond these, the Bosphorus of Istanbul might be the most impressive thing in the city. The idea of living in this amazing place or at least having a property (for investment or vacation time) which has sea view might come to your mind. Actually it is so difficult to not affect from the beauty of Istanbul. You might probably know that Istanbul surrounded by coasts, it has shores on both the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. Having a property on the Bosphorus coast can be exciting for you but prices might make you disappointed. But don’t be worry because you have many sea view property options in Istanbul. It does not ease to find new, secured and equipped with social amenities project close the Strait of Marmara apart from the old and expensive districts you may check other districts having a coast such as Zeytinburnu, Bakirkoy, Florya and Beylikduzu. We have also chosen the most demanded overlooking new sea projects for you. Let’s have a look together:


1-Pruva 34 Bakirkoy Seaview Project

Pruva 34 project is located on coastal road in Bakirkoy district. It is fully equipped with high-tech materials. Pruva 34 compound is designed according to the family concept. The project consists of 7 residential, 2 hotel and 1 apart-hotel building in total 10 blocks. 7 residential blocks have 239 apartments. Contrary to most of the other projects, flat spaces are rather spacious, smallest 1 bedroom apartments have 85 sqm area. It is a modern complex which means you will find social areas, fitness center, satisfying your daily needs and enjoying with your family.

Pruva 34 project overlooking to the Marmara Sea directly is waiting for the owners with its luxurious and privileged amenities. You will also be so close to historical places in Istanbul such as Taksim, Besiktas and Eminonu. You will be able to use different kinds of transportation vehicles in daily life, Avrasya linking tunnel between Asia and Europe for cars, Marmaray metro line and ferries that are going to Uskudar and Kadikoy are also in your neighborhood.

In every respect, Pruva 34 will ensure your expectations and needs. While enjoying sea view from your upscale apartment, you won’t be far away from the city’s facilities. It would be a great option for those who are interested in sea view apartments.

Visit the Project Page of Pruva 34


Pruva 34 Bakirkoy Seaview Project

2- Yedi Mavi Boutique Seaview Project

Yedi Mavi is a boutique complex facing to the Marmara Sea in Zeytinburnu District. The project involving 6 blocks have also shops under the blocks. You will able to find famous restaurants and cafeterias below your home. In addition to viewing terraces the exterior of the blocks covered with large windows so that you will be able to enjoy an amazing sea view from every room of your flats. The distance between the blocks nearly 95 meters which makes you enough viewing aspect. In terms of the social amenities Yedi Mavi complex has an outdoor swimming pool, small prayer place, verdant large landscape areas, fitness center and walking track.

Zeytinburnu district has been developed by the district’s municipality and government investments. Many public parks, the new coast roads and new residential projects are some of the important developments. Also, Marmaray metro line has a stop which is called Zeytinburnu is just behind of the project. You may reach the many points of Istanbul by the metro with ease. Even if the shops will be open for public service, no one reaches the residents without security control. Yedi Mavi boutique sea view project will lift your life high level.

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Yedi Mavi Project

3- Buyukyali Luxurious Seaview Project in Zeytinburnu

If you are interested in living in front of the sea, Buyukyali would be a nice option for making your dream true. Buyukyali project is one of the most luxurious going on developments in Istanbul. It offers to you upscale life standards with its facilities. The complex rising with 560 units is located in Zeytinburnu by the assurance of Emlak Konut. Zeytinburnu is considered a new district that is extending the Bosphorus line. Also, the intersection point for the very different transportation systems like rail and sea. The complex already has been drawing attention with its fancy style and one of the buildings will be furnished by Fendi brand, this point makes the buyer more excited.

All materials used inside the project are high-quality big brands. Thanks to the smart home system your home lights, curtain/blinds, air conditioner and floor heating could be controlled remotely from the screen or via smartphones. The fact that involving the historical buildings into the project is one of the interesting points of the project. Those buildings had been used as a factory before but for the complex they are planned to use as historical natural food bazaar and loft homes. Also, the project will have a private marina on the other side of the way. Linking to the marina will be provided by a bridge from the compound. As we mentioned above, Buyukyali might be the most luxurious going on project in Istanbul.

Visit the Project Page of Buyukyali Project


Buyukyali Luxurious Seaview Project in Zeytinburnu

4- Yali Atakoy Direct Sea View Project in Bakirkoy

This project having the privilege of being the only project of Atakoy Coast. Yali Atakoy complex is located in Bakirkoy district just next to the one of the most famous mall Galeria. The complex is directly in front of the Marmara Sea. 4 residential blocks are designed as V shape in order to enjoy the sea view. Also one commercial office building is in the compound. The magnificent project ensures a direct sea view even from your bedroom. The idea of the complex is merging nature and sky at the same point for the residents. So you have enough verdant gardens and fresh air.

Inside the compound, swimming pools, sauna, fitness, walking tracks and playground for children are design for all members of the family. A Plus and Galleria malls are within walking distance to the project. If you like shopping, these elite malls would be a good fit for you. It won’t be difficult to reach to Atakoy marina for world cuisines restaurants and cafes either. We believe that you will find the serenity you need in this compound. When you arrive at your home from the work, Yali Atakoy will efface the daily stress with its atmosphere. We think you will like more when you see more details.

Visit the Project Page of Yali Atakoy


Yali Atakoy Direct Sea View Project in Bakirkoy

5- Deniz Istanbul the Biggest Seaside Development in Istanbul

Deniz Istanbul is the biggest seaside project ever built in Istanbul. The development involving villas, apartments, hotels, residence block, shops, shopping malls, schools, hospital and luxury marina has been drawing attention since its launch. All of the units have partial or full sea view. The compound is like a coast town with all facilities in the site’s borders. In terms of apartment types there are lots of different options as well as different phases for choice. Life has started at the first and second phases while other phases are still under construction.

The luxury healthy club, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, astonishing sea view and landscape areas, shuttles to the airport are some of the privileges that you have in Deniz Istanbul. The design and view of the villas will surprise you with its quality and beauty. The complex comprises different small sites so when you enter the main gate every small site has its own gate and security control point. Also each small site has its own social areas inside. The fact that comprising low-rise buildings makes the architecture of the project compatible with the environment.

Deniz Istanbul having 5.100 residential units this huge project is rising on 1.200.000 sqm land area. If you are interested seaside project, Deniz Istanbul would be an available choice for you. It does not only offer a good sea view and regular facilities but ensures a pleasant life. You may have a look at the project, if you are curious about Deniz Istanbul.

Visit the Project Page of Deniz Istanbul


Deniz Istanbul the Biggest Seaside Development in Istanbul


Why You Should Buy a Sea View Property in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a beautiful country that is surrounded by deep blue seas. People prefer to live in places that provide the greatest opportunity of enjoying deep blue seas from the comfort of their balcony.

There are various projects in Istanbul that offers you a great breathtaking sea view and the Bosporus view. These residences offer a great view that is known as sea view properties in Istanbul. There are various seas view properties that you can choose from and people who love the seas and the oceans would love this view from their homes as well. Istanbul is a great place where you can find numerous locations. There are a number of people from all over the world who would like to purchase a sea view property and would also invest for their future. Therefore, they prefer to buy places near the sea.

Sea view residences provide you with a key to a luxurious living where you can live with your friends and family in peace. If you are interested in sea view projects, then you can choose from various projects facing the sea like apartments of Beylikduzu and residences in Zeytinburnu and mansions of Bosphorus that ensure that you have a peaceful life. These apartments provide you a great sea view opportunity and they are the most preferable places to live in and invest in as well. And the best part is, even if you are someone who does not like the sea to be around, you will definetely fall in love with this great sea views in Istanbul due to its natural beauty.

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