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Top 5 Shopping Malls of Istanbul

Posted on 25 December 2018
Updated On: 30 June 2020


Istanbul city is considered as one of the most important shopping cities in the world because of its diverse shops and shopping malls that meet the needs of all people with different tastes.

Here we will show you the top 5 shopping malls in Istanbul:

1- Istinye Park:

The mall is located in the Sariyer area in the European section of Istanbul and is one of the largest and most important shopping centers which consists of 4 floors and contains more than 300 shops of different international and local brands. The mall also has a variety of Turkish restaurants, cafes, desserts shops, children’s entertainment centers, cinemas and many other events that interest all members of the family.


2- Zorlu Center:

The center is characterized by the beauty of its design and is an integrated project with a shopping center, art center, hotel, commercial offices and apartments. It has 40 different restaurants, cafés, and many international and Turkish brands. The first Apple store was opened in the mall and there is also a entertainment center. It also has two sections, one of them is closed and consists of two floors and the other is in the open air.


3- Vadi Istanbul:

The mall is located in the Sariyer area of the European section of Istanbul, with an area of 103,000 square meters. It has more than 270 shops, many restaurants and cafes, as well as the Magic Word entertainment center. This center features with its green spaces even inside, making shopping more enjoyable with nature and bright colors. The center also features the latest cinematic display technology in the world , where the seats give you maximum comfort while enjoying the movie with luxurious, comfortable seats and a display with a distinctive sound system with a variety of seating options in rooms with a 270-degree screen.


4- Akasya:

The center is located in the Üsküdar district in the Asian section of Istanbul. It is one of Istanbul’s largest shopping malls. It is featured with its beautiful design and it is consisted of three floors above ground and two underground. It has many international and Turkish brands, which it has 257 shops, in addition to international restaurants. It also has The Kidzania Children’s Games City, as well as the numerous cinemas with high-definition screens and precision, also there is in the Akasya Mall many restaurants offering Turkish delicacies. And what is worth to mention is that the center has received many awards since its opening.


5- Mall of Istanbul:

Located in Istanbul’s European section in Basaksehir area, it has 4 floors, 350 shops and many international and local brands, combining shopping, art, culture and entertainment all in one place. In addition to the shops, there is also the Theater of Mall of Istanbul, where the Turkish and international theater performances are organized as well as the concerts of the artistic celebrities, and many exhibitions and festivals are also hosted. And also the fun role in the Mall of Istanbul, which contains the largest indoor games city in Europe and also has the largest complex of cinemas in Turkey.



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