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Top Five Private Universities in Istanbul

Posted on 14 October 2019
Updated On: 29 June 2020

Arab investors in the field of real estate in Turkey, especially after the decision to acquire Turkish citizenship on the basis of property ownership, often wonder about the next steps of the purchase process and how their families will follow their normal lives, especially the children from the educational term. In this article we will talk about the top five private Turkish universities that guarantee a wonderful future for your children.

Turkish universities occupy an excellent rank among the international universities and there are all the disciplines that the student is looking for and more, and the best and most important distinguishes, especially for Arab students is that they do not require any admission tests to accept the secondary certificate (guideline) to apply, in addition to being available in English or Turkish At the request of the student, Turkish universities often rely on English as the first language of study.

1- Koc University:

One of the multidisciplinary research universities, founded in 1993 and offering all undergraduate and postgraduate programs in English, Koch University has become one of the leading universities in Turkey, due to its outstanding contributions to improving teaching. It is characterized by its outstanding academic structure, international achievements, high social environment, and the abundance of career opportunities for its graduates.

2- Sabanci University:

Sabancı University is one of the best universities in the world and one of the top 20 private universities in Turkey. Founded in 1996, it offers the highest level of education in natural sciences, engineering, art and social sciences. The faculty is made up of highly experienced members and has a reputation for providing job opportunities for graduate students. In addition, Sabancı University offers all educational programs in English.

3 – Bahcesehir University:

Bahçeşehir University’s main campus is located on the edge of the Bosphorus in Besiktas, in the heart of Istanbul. It was founded in 1998 and has many branches around the world such as Washington, Berlin, and Toronto. The University has eight colleges and four institutes for the preparation of graduate programs, including the English and Turkish Language Institute, vocational institutes, vocational institutes for health services, an institute of applied specialties and a scientific research center. In addition, it has exchange programs for professors and students with many universities around the world.

4 – Okan University:

Founded in 1999, the University is one of the most outstanding private universities in Turkey. More than 12,000 students from all over the world are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate studies, offering 53 undergraduate programs. The University aims to build a bridge between the academic field and the business world, so the University offers students opportunities to work in companies as part of the Lifelong Preparation Program. This program helps students learn about working life and adds to their practical experience and develops their knowledge and skills.

5- Kultur University:

Founded in 1997, it is renowned in the field of scientific and educational research, which includes several institutes that provide postgraduate education services, in addition to vocational institutes and research centers. The University has 20 specializations and 31 postgraduate classes. It constantly keeps abreast of the latest developments in the fields of education, culture and science, and takes advantage of these developments through joint cooperation agreements with the universities of the European Union and America. It is one of the best private universities in Turkey, which aims to achieve academic success based on quality and excellence.

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