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Top Secrets of Investment in Turkey

Posted on 25 November 2015
Updated On: 7 July 2020

Why to invest in real estate in Turkey?

Turkey’s economy goes from strength to strength, and today the country is one of the largest emerging economies in the world. Thanks to the stable inflation rates, and favorable lending rates, with the rise in GDP, and the proportion of young people on the dominant demographic composition, and with the confidence of investors that reaches to the highest level ever at all times. Real Estate in Mediterranean region in Turkey is now one of the most desirable areas in the northern hemisphere.

Who is allowed to buy real estate?

There are a lot of corresponding agreements between Turkey and foreign countries, and it is available from many mutual agreements between Turkey and foreign countries.

England, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Germany, considered between the first countries in the front row. According to these agreements he wants to buy a property in Turkey to buy this property in the municipality with a population of more than two thousand people.

Real estate in Turkey is available to foreigners from other countries more than ever. Thanks to the change of some rules of the game of the legislation and raise a number of limitations with the increasing number of nationalities that you can now buy houses in Turkey to 129 nationalities. Permissiveness in some laws have worked to increase the number of foreign buyers of real estate in Turkey.

Is the process of buying housing in Turkey is easy?

Despite the severe simplicity to the process of buying property in Turkey, but that legal action can take some time. It would be very surprising how much simple home buying process in Turkey is. Immediately after that is signed a private agreement in the morning and ends after the operation the same day afternoon. Under facilitating measures for the benefit of foreign buyers, the subject is displayed on the official authorities to obtain official permission.

What are the stages of the purchase deal?

The procurement process consists of six stages, where the installation process and select the desired properties that will be purchased. Followed by depositing the deposit stage and do the work requirements of the purchase. Turkish law requires that the Agencies, which allows them to get the lawyers out to do and a commitment to purchase, including legal work related to the purchase. In the final stage, the lawyer gives the certificate of real estate ownership to the principal owner of the property.

What are the stages of the management and maintenance of your new home in Turkey and fees associated with it?

Now that you can buy a beautiful house in Turkey away from your home country, you need to know how to manage this house and keep it. The management process is well related terms, while the lack of interest in the maintenance of your home, then you will lose value faster than you can imagine. The good news here is that the management and maintenance of holiday homes in Turkey is not expensive. You can hire a professional company to manage the house and that will provide the necessary services at a low price of about 600 euros for an apartment

Do I need a lawyer when buying a property in Turkey?

Most people find themselves victims of a scam by dealing in real estate in Turkey, all of which can be avoided simply and avoid the financial losses by appointing and the use of a lawyer. The use of a reputable lawyer will not only save you time and shorten the path to complete the purchase of your private property only, but also helps you avoid many of the obstacles faced by the buyers.

The power of attorney in Turkey.

To be able to complete the purchase of your property in Turkey and you are in your home country, it is essential that you make power of attorney to a lawyer. And whereby the lawyer acting on your behalf to complete the necessary for the completion of the procurement process steps.

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