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Trump Towers in Istanbul

Posted on 8 April 2020
Updated On: 19 June 2020

Trump Towers Istanbul project


Istanbul is hosting many significant real estate projects. Also, you may find a lot of world lead brand towers, skyscrapers and complexes. Although contradictory politic and diplomatic conditions in the last years, the real estate sector has been extended in Turkey with government policy and support. Especially Istanbul is always an important place for trade, tourism, business, science and technology for ages. The city is growing with many real estate and infrastructure projects. So most of the big companies want to take their place in this magnificent and trade-center city. You may find big malls and high rising buildings which are built by the global property developer. If you ask what are the most famous brand project in Istanbul; we would say Trump Towers Project which belongs to the Trump Organization Company is one of those at the top of the list.

The most significant point of Trump Towers Istanbul is being the first project of the Trump Organization in Europe. Trump Towers are located on the E-5 highway line in Mecdiyekoy, Sisli district of Istanbul. As you know Sisli is the historical place for the tourists as well as it is the business center for Istanbul. Trump Towers has always been popular because of its brand name since it had been announced. When the project was introduced to the media, it was mentioned that Donald Trump (45th and current president of the US) would attend the opening ceremony. Later on he was not able to but his daughter Ivanka Trump could attend the launch with Recep Tayyip Erdogan (current and that time Turkish President). In 2016 Trump Istanbul Towers became the main topic again after Donald Trump was elected as the President of United States and he had given thoughts against Muslim immigrants. The Trump Towers’ name had been considered to be changed even for some time during these days. Apart from these topics, let’s look at the company history and unknowns closely.


The First Ever Built Development in Europe by Trump

The Trump Organization Company which started the real estate business in New York extended its business to many continents. The company is working for almost one century and expanding its businesses more and more. Some of the real estate projects especially if they are built in different countries are being carried out with local partnerships. The Trump Organization has built more than 40 towers as hotels, business centers and residential properties in the US. In addition, the number of towers almost reaches to 20 on the other continents. We think that one of the most important projects of the Trump Organization Company is the Trump Towers Istanbul which is also the first tower built in Europe by the company.


Trump Towers Istanbul Porject at night


Trump Towers Istanbul Project

Trump Towers Istanbul project was built during the years 2008 to 2012 in Mecidiyekoy. The project consists of 2 towers and a shopping mall which is being operated for residential and commercial purposes. One of the towers which has 39 stories is designed for residential usage. There are 205 units with 88 different types and plans while the most spacious apartment’s size is 680 sqm. And the office tower having 37 floors has separable office units. Trump Tower Istanbul has also 5 floors shopping center below the two high-rise buildings. In terms of the social facilities, the residents have an indoor swimming pool, spa and fitness center, 24 hours concierge service, parking garage and many more amenities.


Trump Towers Istanbul Residential Units

Having a living opportunity at the center of the historical city of Istanbul; Sisli is the exactly right place for this dream. In addition to the central location; luxurious amenities, sports center, parking garage and amazing Bosphorus view would be great, right? Thanks to the 680-meter height residential tower,you will have the Bosphorus view or verdant Belgrad Forest view from your flat without doubt. Also, you will have the privilege of living in Mecidiyekoy where you have metro and metrobus station in front of your home. For the residents’ usage, library, bar, business center, relaxing area with a fireplace, playing areas for kids and meeting rooms are at your service on the 4th floor designed as a lounge having 300 sqm.

The biggest privilege that the residents have in Trump Towers Istanbul is the White Gloves Concierge service. It is like having a ticket from the concert in which the tickets were sold out or having a seat at the front row from the most famous film. Shortly, it is a service that will make you feel like VIP. You will also have your own wine cellar in Trump Towers Istanbul. There are separated wine cellars for each flat as well as one section for a tasting of the wine. Interior design options will satisfy all your needs. You will be able to find enough living area depending on your family requirements.


Trump Towers Istanbul Commercial Units

The project consisting of 2 skyscrapers was designed as one commercial and one residential block. In terms of the tower height commercial block has 2 fewer floors than the residential building. But you will be able to enjoy either sea view or forest view from your office too. We can tell you that Trump Towers Istanbul is a landmark project in the Mecidiyekoy area. Having an office in the central place is so important in order to contact with your business partners. Mecidiyekoy is well known as being a central location in Istanbul. So working here would motivate you more than any other place. You may find your dream office with ease from the total area of 36.000 sqm office section.

If you need a small one desk office you may settle down in a small unit. Or you can extend the office space according to your needs. You may enjoy a pleasant working atmosphere, practical solutions such as private reception and vale service. Trump Towers Istanbul is providing you a great opportunity to meet the business world as you may meet with people from other sectors which will allow you to extend your business network. Organizing a business lunch or dinner would be so easy in several restaurant options located in the mall.


Trump Towers Shopping Center


Famous Brands in Trump Towers Istanbul Shopping Center

Trump Towers Istanbul project has 5 floors shopping center below the 2 towers. It is not only an ordinary shopping mall but also an entertainment and activity place for Istanbul. The mall where global and domestic brands are servicing has restaurants, cafeterias, cinemas, art gallery, and theatre halls. 5 floors shopping center brings together famous brands for its visitors.

Some of the shops that are serving in the Trump Tower Istanbul mall are Mango, Network, Flo, English Home, Benetton, Roman, and Home Store. Moreover, Macfit sports center, Media Markt and Migros supermarkets.. One floor which is 9000 m2 area is designed especially for children. In addition to colorful designs and shops, there are restaurants for children and D&R Kids. The KidzMondo which is the first children store in the city is also on this floor that is opening its doors for different entertainment events.

Music lovers are meeting with the concerts in the Trump culture and performance center having 500 seat capacity. Cinemaximum has 6 movie houses. The biggest escape games center which is called Escapist is also here with 6 different games for adventurers. There is a direct connection to Mecidiyekoy metrobus station and metro station from the project by the tunnel connected to the Trump Towers Istanbul project.


Trump Towers entrance


Owner of the Trump Towers in Turkey

Trump Towers and Shopping mall which is located in Mecdiyekoy is beyond doubt one of the most glorious residence, malls, and business centers in Istanbul. 39 floors residence, 37 floors business floors towers, and shopping center 85 global and local companies are servicing from wide range sectors from the clothing to toys, from the banks to restaurants. The foundation project was launched in 2008 and the construction had been completed in 2012. Maybe, two of the most asked questions are these according to us: Who is the owner of the Trump Towers Istanbul? And does Donald Trump have a property in Turkey?

Trump Towers Istanbul project was agreed to be built by 3 partners when the project was launched: “Aydin Dogan”, who is a Turkish billionaire businessman, “Tas Yapi Construction Company” and “The Trump Organization Company”. The construction started in 2008 but Tas Yapi had to leave partnership because of its financial situation in 2009. After that, Dogan Group had agreed with D Yapi Construction Company to be the contractor. After 2 years of delay, Trump Towers was completed in 2012. Regarding Trump’s partnership, Donald Trump and his company has only a license partnership as they get paid yearly for this contract. Dogan Group is the only developer and owner of the project, Finally, this project is the only investment of The Trump Organization in Turkey.


Properties for Sale in Trump Towers Istanbul

We have tried to give you general information about the project briefly so far. We think if you are interested in living or working in Trump Towers, you have enough information after reading our article. We would like to give you some ideas in terms of the investment points. If you invest in any real estate, it is generally easier to find reasonable prices when it is under construction. And for rental purposes, ready options are more logical to start your rental income.

For central locations especially like Sisli and Taksim, whenever you buy a property you will make a profitable investment. Because those places are old settlements so it is difficult to find enough land area to build new buildings. Trump Towers Istanbul is also a unique opportunity with its brand name, location, facilities and architecture. You may invest in this project and find your tenant easily thanks to high demand. Also appreciation of the apartments will be so high within a few years. Approximate appreciation of the project has been 30% since its completion. As a result real estate investment in this area particularly Trump Towers would be lucrative for you.

The project offers 1, 2 or 3 bedroom residential properties that have a minimum of 120 m2 are as well as there are also wide range office units. In case you want to know the price range of the offices and flats, kindly contact us. We may offer you the resale and brand-new units at the most affordable prices. We will be glad to assist you for your real estate investments.


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