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Turkey Occupy Second Place in Infrastructure Investments

Posted on 4 January 2016
Updated On: 29 March 2020

According to a report issued by the World Bank, said that Turkey ranked second on the list of the most investment in infrastructure for the developing countries.

The report pointed, which was published under the title of “joint international investments for public and private sector for the year 2014″, and included 139 of the developing countries, Turkey came in second place last year in the joint investments for public and private sectors, after Brazil, which ranked the first place. The report added that Turkey carried out the top five joint ventures between the public and private sectors in Europe and the Middle East.

The report stated that the volume of investments in Turkey ranked second highest among the developing countries through 17 new projects, and that the Government in Ankara has taken significant steps on reform level in the year 2008, reflecting its impact on investment in the field of energy, Besides, the privatization of three major projects, and the investments in Turkey has witnessed a growth, through the implementation of projects in the fields of energy and transport, such as the establishment of the thermal reactors, “Yenikoy” and “Kemerkoy”, worth 4.3 billion dollars, and the reactor “Yatagan”, worth 1.1 billion dollars, and the reactor “catalgazi”, worth 350 million dollars, in addition to projects in the transportation sector including the third bridge over the Bosphorus in Istanbul, worth 2.9 billion dollars, and the port “salipazari”, worth 1.1 billion dollars.

The report added that the volume of joint investments of the public and private sectors of the developing countries in 2014 has witnessed an increase of 6% compared to the year of 2013, reaching the value of those investments to 107 billion dollars.

The report indicated that Brazil ranked the first place in the volume of joint investments, and the value of its investments reached 44.2 billion dollar, followed by Turkey with investments totaled 12.5 billion dollar, and the Republic of Peru occupied the third place with its investments that reached 8.1 billion dollar, and Colombia, the fourth place with investments of 7 billion dollar, and India in the fifth place with 6.2 billion dollar of it investments, at a time when the volume of investments of the first five countries reached to 73% of the total investments of 139 developing countries.

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