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What is Gross and Net Square Meters? What Yo...

Oct 30, 2017
Once upon a time, even the pronunciation of studio apartments and 1+1 apartments (1 bedroom and 1 saloon) would hav [more]
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10 Remarkable Points While Buying a Property...

Oct 02, 2017
Although there are many similarities between criteria that require attention for buying a house with the aim of inv [more]
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Where to Buy Property in Istanbul?

Aug 18, 2017
Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Europe providing outstanding real estate investment opportunities for year [more]
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Bahcesehir Photo

Selling Your Own Property in Istanbul

Jul 31, 2017
Selling a property anywhere in Istanbul is not going to be an easy task for foreigners. Because many local real est [more]
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شقق للبيع في اتيلير

Luxury Properties For Sale in Etiler Istanbu...

Jul 28, 2017
There are a number of luxury mansions available in Istanbul. Etiler is a place, where there are a number of luxury [more]
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Real Estates For Sale With Payment Plan in I...

Jul 24, 2017
Would you like to purchase an apartment or a villa in Istanbul, however, it is really expensive for you? There is g [more]
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Luxury Real Estates For Sale Near Bosphorus ...

Jul 17, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey is a beautiful country that is located in Europe and Asia continent and is referred to as Eurasia. [more]
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Maiden Tower Istanbul Image

Where to Find Istanbul Real Estate Listings

Jul 14, 2017
Istanbul is the most well known cities where you can find a number of properties for sale ranging from the high inc [more]
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Sea View from Compound

Where to Buy a Villa in Istanbul?

Jul 07, 2017
Istanbul is one of the prime locations for property and real estate opportunities. You can find a number of differe [more]
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اطلالة خلابة على البحر في بيليك دوزو

Residential Projects With Sea View For Sale ...

Jul 03, 2017
Istanbul is a beautiful country that is surrounded by deep blue seas. People prefer to live in places that provide [more]
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عقارات-باسن اكسيرس

High End Real Estates For Sale in Istanbul

Jul 01, 2017
The various high-end apartments for sale in Istanbul represent the true spirit of luxury and elegance. They range f [more]
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The Most Famous Real Estate Companies in Ist...

Jun 12, 2017
The best real estate companies in Istanbul are there to offer you the best assistance and assurance that you would [more]
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completed property in maslak image

Property Projects for Sale in Maslak, Istanb...

Jun 05, 2017
Now invest within the heart of Istanbul in a luxurious property project in Maslak near Sisli in Istanbul. There are [more]
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What Are The 2017 Istanbul Real Estate Marke...

Jun 05, 2017
Many people who own a property in Istanbul or sell properties may be of doubt about the recent developments in the [more]
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Why to Buy Brand New Apartment in Istanbul?

May 08, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey is a world city that has a fascinating mix of old and new heritage and that appears in the various [more]
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Beylikdüzü, The New Face of Istanbul

May 05, 2017
Turkey’s Beylıkdüzü district is characterized by a superb administrative system and it is one of the most bea [more]
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Arabic Speaking Real Estate Agency in Istanb...

May 01, 2017
There are times when you would like to buy a property in Istanbul. But how can you find a reliable broker who can h [more]
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Developed Real Estate Projects in Istanbul

Apr 24, 2017
There are various real estate projects in Istanbul that are almost on the verge of completion and they would soon b [more]
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عقارات-باسن اكسيرس

Under Development Real Estate Projects in Is...

Apr 17, 2017
There are various real estate projects that are being constructed in Turkey Istanbul and if you are really looking [more]
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Top 10 Richest Young People in Turkey

Apr 14, 2017
Osman Kibar: His fortune is 2 billion $. He was born in 1971 and he is ranked 8th in the list of the 100 richest Tu [more]
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10 Charming Caves in Turkey

Nov 04, 2016
Turkey is a magnet for tourists thanks to what it has of stunning nature and ancient historic monuments, it is also [more]
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Make Aydos Forests Your Next Destination

Oct 21, 2016
6  reasons make you want to visit Aydos Forests and spend the weekend in there before the cold of winter comes, whe [more]
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First inverted House in Turkey

Oct 14, 2016
Did you try to live in your house upside down? To walk on the ceiling, for example? Or to cook food and you’r [more]
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Places You Must Visit Near To Istanbul

Sep 16, 2016
Before the end of summer, you must visit these beautiful places in Istanbul to move away from the ambience of overc [more]
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The Reconstruction of Kabatas

Jul 11, 2016
As Istanbul Municipality stated, and in the preparation for the starting of the marine corridor project which cross [more]
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Dumping a Plane for Tourism

Jun 10, 2016
Turkish authorities have flooded a plane type Airbus A300 in order to stimulate and encourage diving tourism, this [more]
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Ramadan in Turkey

Jun 03, 2016
The manifestations of delight and joy prevail when the Turks celebrate the coming of Ramadan month, as is the case [more]
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The Charming Antalya City

Apr 29, 2016
Antalya is the eighth most populous city in Turkey. Located on Anatolia’s flourishing southwest coast bordere [more]
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Arabic Language Role in Turkey image

Arabic Language Role in Turkey

Apr 20, 2016
Arabs in Turkey Association stresses the roles that the Arabic language plans in spreading sciences, philosophies a [more]
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بورصة صورة

Bursa – 5 Famous Places to Visit

Apr 18, 2016
Bursa  province, which lies in northwest Turkey, one of the most important in Turkey’s provinces, from the we [more]
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Maiden Tower Istanbul Image

Maiden Tower Istanbul

Apr 13, 2016
The maiden tower or lighthouse, attracts the sight as soon as you lay your eyes on it on the Bosphorus Strait to go [more]
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Tulip Festival

Apr 08, 2016
The Turkish Tulip, “Lale” is a part of the Ottoman and Turkish culture and civilization, and it has an [more]
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4.5G-Technology image

4.5 G Technology for Mobile Phone in Turkey

Apr 04, 2016
The fourth generation technology for mobile phone networks have become operational in Turkey as of Friday early hou [more]
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14 Cities in Turkey

Apr 01, 2016
Each city in Turkey has characteristic specifications which are unique from the other cities. Some of these specifi [more]
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Famous beverages in Turkey image

Famous Beverages in Turkey

Mar 30, 2016
When you visit Turkey, you would stand a bit confused when the times comes on choosing from the variety of famous h [more]
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Istanbul Souvenirs image

Markets for Souvenirs in Istanbul

Mar 28, 2016
Shopping in Istanbul, one of the pleasures offered by this wonderful city, with its ancient Markets and modern bout [more]
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Belgrad Forest Istanbul 2 image

Belgrad Forest in Istanbul

Mar 16, 2016
Belgrad forest, located in the European side of Istanbul, a charming wooded area with breathtaking nature. Its natu [more]
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Bosphorus-Strait image

The Bosphorus Strait

Mar 14, 2016
Istanbul Strait, which is located between the continents of Asia and Europe called the “Bosporus Straits̶ [more]
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Istanbul Beaches

Mar 11, 2016
With the approach of the summer season, a lot of lovers of the swimming sport begin searching for the appropriate t [more]
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Vialand enternatinment park image

Vialand Entertainment Park in Istanbul

Mar 10, 2016
Many traveling tourists go to entertainment parks to spend a special day full of entertainment and thrill and adven [more]
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Tourism in Ankara

Mar 09, 2016
After the establishing of the Turkish Republic in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, he moved of the capital from Istan [more]
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turkish-breakfast photo

Best Turkish Breakfast in Istanbul

Mar 07, 2016
The Turkish people in general are very creative in preparing meals, they care about diversity of their food, Turks [more]
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Shopping Enjoyment in Istanbul

Mar 02, 2016
Shopping in Istanbul is interesting and exciting adventure which never end, where the advantage of Istanbul that it [more]
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Yerebatan image

Yerebatan – The historic water reservo...

Mar 01, 2016
The “Yerebatan” one of the largest water reservoirs that were built under the old city of Istanbul, to provid [more]
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Istanbul Libraries image

Istanbul Libraries

Mar 01, 2016
Whether you are a public library lovers, or who find in its cool environment the best suited for study, work or sur [more]
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Famous Markets in Istanbul Image

6 Famous Markets in Istanbul

Feb 25, 2016
Istanbul is characterized by the vast and diversity of its touristic and historical areas. Istanbul is famous for i [more]
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The Revival Plan of Turkish Tourism 2016

Feb 24, 2016
The Number of tourist arrivals to Turkey amounted in 2014, 41 million, 627 thousand and 246 tourists, and the succe [more]
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miniaturk image

Miniaturk Istanbul

Feb 22, 2016
According to the Department of Culture in Istanbul Municipality, that five million domestic and foreign tourists vi [more]
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How to obtain turkish citizen ship image

How to Obtain a Turkish Citizenship

Feb 18, 2016
CHECK NEW UPDATE 12TH OF JAN : Turkish Citizenship with 1 million USD Property Investment! Turkish laws allow forei [more]
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6 Famous Brands in Turkey

Feb 17, 2016
Turkey has many brands that offer the best types of clothing for men, women and children, among them the following: [more]
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World's Best Luxurious Hotels image

World’s Best Luxurious Hotels

Feb 11, 2016
There are many luxurious various hotels around the world, which are teeming with visitors and tourists throughout t [more]
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Turkish Language Between Past and Present

Feb 10, 2016
The Ottoman Empire embraced a wide spectrum of ethnicity and assets, such as the Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Persians, Rom [more]
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Turkey ranked first in e-cards systems

Feb 03, 2016
The size of payments has risen through the e-card systems in Turkey by 15 percent in 2015, and the number of credit [more]
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turkish cinema hitory image

Turkish Cinema History

Feb 02, 2016
The Turkish cinema began in 1915 by filming the first documentary film that tells the story of the destruction of t [more]
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dolmabahce palace photo

Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul

Feb 01, 2016
It is a unique masterpiece of its kind, combining oriental style and western-style of architecture and interior des [more]
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Turkey’s beaches ranks second globally

Jan 27, 2016
Turkey was ranked recently number two worldwide by the number of beaches and yacht clubs that received the Blue Fla [more]
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e-visa image

Information about Turkish E-Visa

Jan 25, 2016
The Electronic Visa (e-Visa) Application System was launched on 17 April 2013 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of [more]
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Spice bazaar image

Historical Egyptian Market in Istanbul

Jan 22, 2016
Egyptian Market is in Istanbul or the so-called spice Market an integral part of the old Ottoman Turkish civilizati [more]
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BlueBead Culture image

The Blue Bead in the Turkish Culture

Jan 21, 2016
The blue bead might be a beautiful sight in some cases, when looked at as beauty and decoration, and it eases the w [more]
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9 Ingrained Habits of Turks photo

9 Ingrained Habits of Turks

Jan 20, 2016
Turks are known of being conservative people on their Turkmen Ottoman inherited traditions and customs, they attach [more]
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