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Real Estate

5 Cheapest Apartments in Istanbul for Sale

5 Cheapest Apartments in Istanbul for Sale

May 07, 2020
Real estate investment is one of the least risky investment types in today’s world. Especially if you invest [more]
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5 Cheapest Apartments in Istanbul for Sale

5 Affordable and Luxury Residential Projects...

May 01, 2020
  When you start to search for an apartment for sale, there are many criteria that affect your decision. First [more]
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Commercial Properties

What You Should Consider Before Buying a Com...

Apr 17, 2020
  Investing in commercial properties is the higher and professional level of investment in the real estate sec [more]
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Trump Towers Istanbul project

Trump Towers in Istanbul

Apr 08, 2020
  Istanbul is hosting many significant real estate projects. Also, you may find a lot of world lead brand towe [more]
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Top 5 Sea View Real Estate Developments of Istanbul

Top 5 Sea View Real Estate Projects of Istan...

Apr 03, 2020
  You are at the cross road of two continents Asia and Europe. Istanbul invites to you numerous journeys, a jo [more]
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Galata District of Istanbul

Buy Property in Istanbul: Real Estate Invest...

Mar 20, 2020
Settlement Layout of Istanbul Before buying any property or real estate from Istanbul you should know the character [more]
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House Photo with Garden

What to Consider Before Buying a Villa in Is...

Mar 20, 2020
Are you interested in buying a villa in Istanbul? Don’t you know how to start? Before buying even any simple thing [more]
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Deniz Istanbul Apartment Photo

What Should You Consider Before Buying an Ap...

Mar 19, 2020
Living in this century with a cumulative knowledge of the past centuries, and probably a life experience through th [more]
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Do You Need a Lawyer to Buy a House in Turke...

Mar 16, 2020
The previous years witnessed a noticeable rush by foreign investors to buy real estate in Turkey, due to the develo [more]
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New Record for Foreign Real Estate Sales in ...

Jan 21, 2020
45.483 Houses were sold for Foreigners in Turkey in 2019 The highest number in the past ten years in the sales of r [more]
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Turkish Companies’ Interest in Chinese...

Dec 24, 2019
The recent period in Turkey has witnessed widespread interest of the Chinese in the Turkish market in various indus [more]
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Urbanization-in-Başakşehir-(Part 2)

Urbanization in Başakşehir (Part 2)

The social class living in Başakşehir: It is known that most of the inhabitants of this region are from the rich an [more]
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Urbanization-in-Başakşehir-(Part 1)

Urbanization in Başakşehir (Part 1)

Istanbul has become the forerunner of other European countries in real estate investment due to the establishment o [more]
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10 Reasons Makes Real Estate Investment in T...

Nov 18, 2019
1- The suitable price: Property prices in Turkey are very reasonable comparative to other countries and this is why [more]
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Bosphorus View Properties in Istanbul

Nov 11, 2019
Turkey in general and the city of Istanbul in particular is unique geographic nature and can be rare as well, since [more]
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Turkish Real Estate Sales to Yemenis Rise in...

Nov 04, 2019
During the first nine months of this year, Turkish real estate sales to foreign citizens increased by 98 percent, a [more]
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Property Management Services in Istanbul

Oct 07, 2019
One of the most important things for investors in the field of real estate in Turkey in general is the sense of fin [more]
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Inheritance Law and Inheritance Tax in Turke...

Sep 08, 2019
Many real estate investors do not have a complete idea of Turkey’s inheritance law and this information shoul [more]
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Turkey is Seeking to Open More Than 10 New I...

Aug 26, 2019
The Turkish government always seeks to provide assistance and support for products manufactures and urged consumers [more]
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A New Highway Linking Istanbul and Izmir

Aug 12, 2019
As part of the Turkish revolution in infrastructure development and the opening of more major projects to increase [more]
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A Great Rise of Real Estate Investments in T...

Jul 22, 2019
There are many reasons why foreign investors are considering the option of purchasing a property in Turkey compared [more]
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Granting Palestinians the Right to Own Prope...

Jul 08, 2019
It was not possible for Palestinian holders of Palestinian travel documents to purchase a house in Turkey because T [more]
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A High Speed Train Connects Istanbul Airport...

It is expected that the new Istanbul International Airport, which is located in the European section of Istanbul, t [more]
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Antalya’s Biggest Real Estate Project ...

Jun 24, 2019
Antalya the tourism capital of Turkey is the first destination for tourists and beach lovers, but it is also a favo [more]
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The Construction of the Financial Center wil...

May 13, 2019
The Turkish government seeks to ensure a strong financial structure in Istanbul by the end of 2022, with the partic [more]
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Moving from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul New ...

Apr 15, 2019
Turkish Airlines has done a full transmission from Ataturk Airport to the new Istanbul airport, which is the world& [more]
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Real Estate Valuation Report in Turkey

Apr 08, 2019
The Turkish government aims to protect foreign buyers’ investments from fraud, that’s why a new law was [more]
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Luxurious Penthouses for Sale in Istanbul

Mar 26, 2019
  The ancient Istanbul city which is in the north-western of Turkey is famous for its distinctive architecture [more]
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Property Prices in Turkey in 2019

Mar 20, 2019
    Within the recent years, the Turkish economy has occupied remarkable spot worldwide, thus Turkey has [more]
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Real Estate Market in 2019 in Turkey

Feb 20, 2019
Turkey’s Real Estate sector will face a steady rise in 2019 Several real estate companies and real estate developer [more]
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2019 Foreign Real Estate Demand in Turkey

Feb 13, 2019
“Property buyers dive in as Turkey’s lira plunges” a title of an article been posted by THE GUARDIAN. Turkish housi [more]
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Real Estate Rentals in Turkey

Feb 11, 2019
  The Turkish Ministry of Finance has determined the increase in real estate rents in Turkey in early 2019 bas [more]
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New Record in 2018 for Housing Sales to Fore...

Feb 06, 2019
In 2018, 1,375,398 housing has changed hands as a result of sales in Turkey Housing sales decreased by 2.4% in 2018 [more]
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Housing Sales Statistics in Turkey in Decemb...

Feb 05, 2019
136,845 Housing was Sold in December 2018 in Turkey Housing sales in Turkey increased by 2.9% when compared to the [more]
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Real Estate Prices in Istanbul in 2019

Feb 01, 2019
  This year will be another important year in completing the growth of the Turkish real estate market, especia [more]
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Vadistanbul Project’s Phases, Properties for...

Jan 14, 2019
  The Vadistanbul project was created by two famous construction companies Artas Group and Invest Group in the [more]
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6 Big Projects Will Change the Future of Tur...

Jan 01, 2019
Turkey continues to always amaze us by its efforts to keep abreast of the global development in all fields, as it s [more]
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Turkish Citizenship 2018

Turkish Citizenship by Investing 250.000 USD...

Sep 19, 2018
Within the framework of the "Regulation on the Amendment to the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish
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Best Real Estate Websites in Turkey

Sep 14, 2018
  Real Estate sector in Turkey grows up day by day continuously with the effect of big investments made on con [more]
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Real Estate Opportunities in Istanbul

Jul 06, 2018
  As one of the largest culture capitals all around the world, Istanbul has been always one step ahead among t [more]
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What is the Relation Between Kelesoglu and E...

Jun 27, 2018
  Deniz Istanbul is the most recent and by far the best project of Keleşoğlu Holding which is located right ne [more]
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Real Estate Prices in Istanbul in June 2018

May 29, 2018
Recession Periods Almost all countries have had tough times in terms of both political and economic situations in w [more]
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Government Reduced Both Title Deed Costs and...

May 08, 2018
According to Turkish Real Property Law, it was an obligation to pay title deed costs as 4% of the sale price of pro [more]
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VAT Exemption of Properties in Turkey for Fo...

Apr 28, 2018
“i) To be applied on the first delivery of the buildings which are constructed as residence and office and their va [more]
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Invest $300.000 on Real Estate, Get Turkish ...

Mar 27, 2018
$300.000 will be enough for Turkish Citizenship for a foreigner instead of $1.000.000 by the change in law in May. [more]
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Tax Valuations on Rental Income in Turkey Ha...

Mar 08, 2018
  Tax calculations on rental income in Turkey has been changed by new omnibus bill passed recently. Before tha [more]
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4 Things to Take into Account Before Buying ...

Feb 27, 2018
Market Analysis The most vital part of an investment is to make a market analysis which is a basic element of the g [more]
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Updated Pictures of Istanbul’s 3rd Air...

Feb 19, 2018
3rd Airport in Istanbul which is currently under construction and planned to be opened in 2023, has been shown from [more]
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House Sales in Turkey in 2017

Feb 13, 2018
1.409.314 Property Sales Have Been Made in 2017 All Around Turkey According to TUIK, residential sales in Turkey ha [more]
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The Biggest Advantage of Basaksehir as a Ris...

  The biggest advantage of Basaksehir is to have a strong development potential with high-level public investm [more]
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House Sales in Turkey Increased by 28.8% in ...

Nov 10, 2017
In September, 140 thousand 298 Housings Were Sold in Turkey with an annual increase of 28,8 According to the journa [more]
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What are Gross and Net Square Meters?

Oct 30, 2017
In the past, 1+1 apartments were not preferred so much due to thoughts that it would not meet the demand of a famil [more]
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A New Era in Land Registry and Cadastre!

Oct 23, 2017
Kayseri Land Registry and Cadastre Regional Director Erdogan Buyukboyaci stated that, landowners could see the info [more]
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10 Remarkable Points While Buying a Property...

Oct 02, 2017
Even though it looks like same to buy a property for an investment as to buy a property for residential purposes, i [more]
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In Which District Should You Buy Property in...

Aug 18, 2017
Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Europe providing outstanding real estate investment opportunities for year [more]
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Bahcesehir Photo

Selling a Property in Istanbul

Jul 31, 2017
Selling a property anywhere in Istanbul is not going to be an easy task for foreigners due to the fact that many lo [more]
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Luxury Properties For Sale in Etiler Istanbu...

Jul 28, 2017
There are a number of luxury mansions available in Istanbul. Etiler is the district, where there are multiple of lu [more]
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Real Estates For Sale with Payment Plan in I...

Jul 24, 2017
You would like to purchase a property in Istanbul, however, it is really expensive for you? There is good news for [more]
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Luxury Real Estates For Sale Near Bosphorus ...

Jul 17, 2017
The Most Beautiful Place to Live Bosphorus is one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul that separates the two c [more]
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Maiden Tower Istanbul Image

Where to Find Istanbul Real Estate Listings

Jul 14, 2017
Istanbul is one of the most well known cities where you can find a number of properties for sale ranging from the h [more]
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Sea View from Compound

Where to Buy a Villa in Istanbul?

Jul 07, 2017
Istanbul is one of the prime locations for property and real estate opportunities. You can find a number of differe [more]
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اطلالة خلابة على البحر في بيليك دوزو

Residential Projects with Sea View for Sale ...

Jul 03, 2017
Istanbul is a beautiful country that is surrounded by deep blue seas. People prefer to live in places that provide [more]
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عقارات-باسن اكسيرس

High-end Real Estates for Sale in Istanbul

Jul 01, 2017
  The various high-end apartments for sale in Istanbul represent the true spirit of luxury and elegance. They [more]
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construction companies istanbul

The Most Famous Real Estate Companies in Ist...

Jun 12, 2017
The best real estate companies in Istanbul are there to offer you the best assistance and assurance that you would [more]
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completed property in maslak image

Property Projects for Sale in Maslak, Istanb...

Jun 05, 2017
Now invest within the heart of Istanbul in a luxurious property project in Maslak in Istanbul. There are various pr [more]
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What Are the 2017 Istanbul Real Estate Marke...

Jun 05, 2017
Many people who own a property in Istanbul or want to sell their properties may have doubts about the recent develo [more]
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Property Sales in The First Quarter of The Y...

May 26, 2017
Compared to last year, a 7.42% increase was recorded in apartment sales in the first four months of this year. In a [more]
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New Saudi Turkish Projects in Istanbul

May 18, 2017
Three residential projects have been launched in Istanbul by a Saudi group in cooperation with a Turkish company sp [more]
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Turkish Nationality for Foreign Investors

May 12, 2017
Many foreign investors are asking about the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship and how to fill out the ap [more]
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Why to Buy Brand New Apartment in Istanbul?

May 08, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey is a world city that has a fascinating mix of old and new heritage and that appears in the various [more]
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Real Estate Agents Who Can Speak Foreign Lan...

May 01, 2017
When you would like to buy a property in Istanbul, how can you find a reliable broker who can help you with the dif [more]
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Turkish Real Estate Sales in Last March

Apr 28, 2017
According to the data that released by the Turkish Statistics Institute, houses sales in Turkey rose by 10% during [more]
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Finished Real Estate Projects in Istanbul

Apr 24, 2017
There are various real estate projects in Istanbul that are almost on the verge of completion and they would soon b [more]
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عقارات-باسن اكسيرس

Real Estate Projects Under Development in Is...

Apr 17, 2017
There are various real estate projects that are being developed in Turkey, Istanbul and they can be availed from th [more]
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Canakkale 1915 Bridge Project

Mar 17, 2017
An agreement was signed to build Çanakkale 1915 bridge hanging on the Dardanelles Strait west of Turkey by the Turk [more]
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Buying Property in Turkey with 20 years Paym...

Feb 02, 2017
As of February 1st 2017, Turkish Government has announced one of the biggest campaigns of all times in Turkey real [more]
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Turkish Citizenhip for 1 million USD investment

Turkish Citizenship with 1 million USD Prope...

Jan 12, 2017
As of 12th of January 2017, Turkish government has officially announced new legislation about granting Turkish nati [more]
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CNR Exhibition for Real Estate 2016

Oct 07, 2016
Between 17-20 of the next November CNR International Exhibition receives in Istanbul the fourth annual exhibition o [more]
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Agaoglu Group at Cityscape

Oct 03, 2016
Agaoglu group participated in Cityscape Dubai earlier this September and the Group Chairman has said that it was on [more]
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The Impact of Mega Projects on Properties

Sep 23, 2016
Mega projects and projects of urban development in Istanbul contributed to an increase in properties and lands pric [more]
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Urbanization in Fikirtepe Area

Kadıköy, Fikirtepe is one of the areas where urbanization is implemented with extensive methods and it is being reb [more]
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Crown Palace Project in Beylikduzu

May 20, 2016
This project is one of the most superb examples of luxury first-class quality living. This is a superb opportunity [more]
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Sea Pearl Development in Atakoy

May 13, 2016
CCT 149 One of the most unique projects in Istanbul, This beautiful development by the sea will be surrounded by el [more]
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Turkish Saudi Fund for Real Estate

Apr 22, 2016
In the presence of both the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, an agreeme [more]
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MIPIM photo

MIPIM Over the Years

Mar 25, 2016
The world’s leading real estate market MIPIM combines the most effective international players of all property sect [more]
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Real Estate demand increase image

Foreign Real Estate Demand Increase

Mar 21, 2016
Since three years ago, after the new law was passed in the Turkish parliament, which allows foreign citizens to buy [more]
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Emlak Konut

Mar 18, 2016
Emlak Konut is one of the largest developers of real estate in Turkey, where it belongs to the Housing Development [more]
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Rental-costs-in-Istanbul image

Rental Costs in Istanbul

Mar 11, 2016
Rental prices have risen in the Turkish city Istanbul in the recent years and the rent of an apartment is 1100 TL p [more]
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Buying-prperty-in-turkey image

Buying a Property in Turkey

Feb 26, 2016
The number of homes that were sold to the Arabs in Turkey during 2015, 10 thousand and 863 housing units, equivalen [more]
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merano tower image

CCT 503 / Merano Tower Dubai by Damac

Feb 19, 2016
DAMAC Properties, a leading developer of luxury properties in the Middle East, has launched “Merano TowerR [more]
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Akoya By Damac image

CCT 502 / Akoya Dubai by DAMAC

Feb 15, 2016
DAMAC Properties, the largest developer of a luxury real estate in the Middle East, launched the first phase of the [more]
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Istanbul’s Economic Strength

Feb 12, 2016
Istanbul present a positive economic picture and strong economically performance. The city is Turkey’s engine [more]
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Aykon photo

CCT 501 / Aykon London Project by Damac ...

Feb 12, 2016
DICO UK firm Real Estate Holdings Ltd., the developer of real estate luxury projects, subsidiary of DAMAC Internati [more]
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dubai image

Real Estate Investment in Dubai

Feb 08, 2016
About Dubai Dubai is located on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in the southwest corner of the Arabian G [more]
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Damac Properties

CCT Investments’ New Agreement with DA...

Feb 05, 2016
Having a large property portfolio in Istanbul and in different cities of Turkey, CCT Investments is delighted to in [more]
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Arnavutkoy-a-Promising-Area-for Investment-photo

Arnavutkoy a Promising Area for Investment

Jan 29, 2016
The Turkish Republic lives in an advanced stage of the development of civilization, and became a high-capacity to c [more]
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citizenship for turkey image

Turkey Plans to Grant Citizenship to Foreign...

Jan 29, 2016
Turkish Minister of Economy “Nihat Zeybekci” pointed at the conclusion of the meeting, which gathered f [more]
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topkapi-merter-atakoy image

Topkapi-Atakoy… The New Real Estate Market i...

Jan 11, 2016
At a time when the small-sized companies in Turkey are renewing the buildings one by one, the large real estate com [more]
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Fethiye beaches image

Fethiye – Town of Beaches in Turkey

Jan 08, 2016
The town “Fethiye” of the Turkish city “Mugla” which is overlooking the Mediterranean is ch [more]
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Turkish real estate between 2014 and 2015 photo

Turkish Real Estate Between 2014 and 2015

Dec 30, 2015
The Turkish Statistics Agency (TUIK) had issued official data indicate that the sales in the real estate sector in [more]
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