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Turkish Nationality for Foreign Investors

Posted on 12 May 2017
Updated On: 1 July 2020

Many foreign investors are asking about the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship and how to fill out the application. Here are the conditions and the steps for filling out the application:

First, basic personal information such as name, father’s and mother’s name, last name, place and date of birth, occupation, contact information and Turkish national number are written.

There are five conditions that must be met one of them so that the foreign investor can fill the application for Turkish citizenship, following we mention them:

Documents attached to the application for Turkish nationality:

  • Copy of the residence permit that should be certified by the notary.
  • Passport copy.
  • Copy of title deed of the property that should be certified.
  • Copy of the deposit document in the bank.
  • Copy of the Turquoise Card that should be certified by the notary.
  • A document showing information about the company.
  • A certified consent statement from the notary (consent to share information that allows access to bank deposits or real estate information).
  • A purchase document showing the value of the property from the bank or intermediary institution and the accounts opened in the name of the property that will be purchased.

For the investors who wants to invest with small amounts the can get the residence permit in Turkey.

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