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Turkish Real Estate Fair Nov 2015

Posted on 4 November 2015
Updated On: 7 July 2020

Istanbul will host one of the biggest real estate fairs in Turkey in the period between 4-8 of November in the CNR expo center.

This important event, which is happening every year, will find the attention of many investors, individuals and institutions as a result of positive developments arising from the provision of financing terms by appropriate interest, and the steps that have been completed in terms of law, “foreign ownership”, and increase the period of residence for foreigners, and the special privileges provided by the real estate market compared to other investment tools, and the continuation of investment opportunities without the possibility of submission of the VAT increase all combined.

The exhibition is scheduled to include participants from the entire sector; developers, financing and implementation of the projects and operation and marketing to take advantage of the real estate sector. Thus, the exhibition will be an important opportunity to create a new work connection in the sector of the international and regional levels.

Real estate and construction sector advanced companies will provide rapidly in the recent period projects that include luxury, comfort and modern designs, work centers and homes with appropriate prices and payment plans.

There will be an important role to the exhibition with its experience obtained by the marketing and the definition of the sector at the international level waiting for visitors from EU countries and the Turkish Republics, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and many other countries.

It is expected to be held in conjunction with the exhibition other events organized by the participating companies, the exhibition also includes a program providing a promising opportunity for participants to explore current trends and new innovations in the real estate, investment and finance markets.

The exhibition is an excellent stage for traders and those interested in the industry to announce their latest products and their plans and cooperation with new partners.

At the same time the platform is a good time and appropriate to the organizers and visitors to exchange views and experiences and views and observations actors in the development and progress

This exhibition visitors are industry professionals and those interested in everything related to this field and attracts a large number of dealers, distributors and manufacturers and owners of major commercial laboratories and a large number of events from around the world to exchange experiences and open the way for trade.

The previous version of the exhibition “Turkish Real Estate exhibition 2015” has seen a the presence of 4.513 visitors from the European Union, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Russia and other countries.

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