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University Education in Turkey

Posted on 25 November 2015
Updated On: 7 July 2020

Lately, Turkey has seen some huge and increased demand on its private and public universities, and more Arab and foreign students started coming to these universities, due to good and positive qualities they have, educationally speaking.

The touristic visits have turned form tourism to educational travel, the quality rate in Turkish universities is one of the highest in the world, these universities offer education in English, plus the degrees are recognized both locally and internationally, these universities have strong connections with the world’s top ones, and they offer annually a lot of scholarships, which save the students between 30-40 % of tuition fees.

As for the quality of the infrastructure (teachers, employees and facilities) Turkish universities has a very high rank among international ones, and providing the best college education there is, as the normal teacher or doctor in these universities has a very long experience in education and teaching, plus always using up to date technologies in the process, and it’s possible as well to continue your higher education like masters and doctoral degrees.

Turkey provide a very welcoming and warm environment for its students, they welcome the student through their young generation, as 31% of the population are between 12-24 years old. Turkish people in general are very friendly and hospitable, derived from their traditions, as well as these traditions are very close to Arabs, like Islamic food and mosques, and many others.

There are many universities in Turkey, most important and famous of them all is Middle East Technical University, it’s a general technical university located in Ankara, its education system is based on engineering and natural sciences. It is considered the leader university in scientific research and engineering fields in Turkey, ranked among the top 60 universities in the world. Ankara University is a public school, has 15 collages and approximately 40 vocational majors and 110 for higher study programs, of a total of 264 study courses. And Istanbul University is the oldest and biggest in Turkey, built in 1453, and also Izmir University and others.

Turkish universities have ranked 42 in 1981 in the world in the field if scientific researches, however in 2008 it ranked no. 18 in the world in the same field, thus Turkey has progressed according to the scientific standards to record the amount of progress it did in scientific researches, like publishing in international scientific journals and getting patents, in addition to scientific creativity and winning international awards.

In addition to that, Turkey has succeeded in attracting a large number of foreign students by focusing on the scientific, educational, and cultural exchange with many countries and nationalities, plus the government has put extra effort into attracting them through scholarships and simplifying the process of obtaining a visa and residency.

Most Turkish cities have universities and schools, as the number of establish schools have risen to 170 compared to 76 ten years ago, and expected to reach 500 universities by the year 2023. They are managed by the higher education council (YOK).

Acceptance and registration in these universities is not only dependent on academic achievements in high school, but there is a capability exams set separately by each school and their system, and each student much pass this exams in order to be accepted in the desired university

Students are obliged to attend in Turkey in lectures, workshops, and activities in the university, remarkably with a percentage of 100 attendance rate in most of the school days.

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