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Urbanization in Başakşehir (Part 2)

Posted on 9 December 2019
Updated On: 29 June 2020

The social class living in Başakşehir:

It is known that most of the inhabitants of this region are from the rich and sort of conservative class, as it is considered the most desirable area of Istanbul by the wealthy Arabs.

Some of the factors that attract people to Başakşehir are its services, smart buildings, facilities and building quality. This region is considered a youth one among all the municipalities of Istanbul, where the age group of 28 and above constitutes approximately 40% of the total number of its residents, according to a study conducted by the municipality of Başakşehir. This is what encouraged many investors to come and invest in Başakşehir due to the improvement of services and the increase of facilities and the magnitude of work in housing facilities in a serious and significant way.

Urban growth in Başakşehir:

The urban development in Başakşehir region is still increasing since 2014, It is an ever-increasing development of modern and advanced projects that have been built to a high level of quality, and the architecture of these projects is of a great deal of sophistication and elegance, since these projects are completely designed with facilities for entertainment and comfort, to give house owners maximum joy.

That is why it cannot be said that prices in the Başakşehir region are low or low medium, otherwise this information will be incorrect, because prices in this region range from high medium to high, in other words, it is not very high compared to other regions such as Bebek, and it is not very low like Esenyurt.

Looking at real estate prices there, it is noticed that in the last five years there has been a noticeable increase in prices by approximately 30%, and it is believed that this increase will continue, due to the close proximity to the third airport, and the new metro lines that are expanding in the area, which turning it into a new artery of Istanbul, that will connect the old part of the city to the modern part, so that life in the area is comfortable and close to everything.

Why invest in Başakşehir?

Başakşehir contains huge projects that all have a strong infrastructure conforming to the highest international standards, in addition to constantly increasing and comprehensive services and social facilities, it is also characterized by the picturesque nature surrounding it from inside and outside, and most importantly, its proximity to the airport and the ease of transportation to and from it. Başakşehir will remain the first destination for ownership and real estate investment in Istanbul, as it is expected to be one of the promising areas in the exciting real estate market at the level of Europe and the world

By that we can say that Başakşehir region is the new promised Istanbul, and the green, elegant, quiet, high-yielding area. Which will surely be a source of happiness, comfort and prosperity for you and your family for many beautiful years.

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