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Where to Find Istanbul Real Estate Listings

Posted on 14 July 2017
Updated On: 1 July 2020

Maiden Tower Istanbul ImageIstanbul is one of the most well known cities where you can find a number of properties for sale ranging from the high income group to the low income group and premium apartments for sale.

Real Estate in Istanbul

Istanbul has very nice and attractive spots for various properties. All along the Bosphorus, this old city hosts both contemporary living areas combining with the classic. Some of the best properties are designed on the basis of Byzantine architecture like the Hagia Sophia which is probably one of the best examples of the architecture in Istanbul. There are also some properties which is even beyond today in terms of modernity, design and architecture. Istanbul has a number of various high-rise and low-rise apartments as residential accommodations that are currently being highly praised in Eurasia. Districts like Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, Atasehir, Basaksehir, pendik are just some examples of popular areas currently which new living areas have been created.

Residential Properties

The residential apartments’ prices in Istanbul starts from $60,000 with excellent opportunities. You can find various apartments with green surroundings. Some of the apartments comprise of baths, spas, inbuilt commercial centers. Due to all these features and opportunities properties have, to invest in properties in Istanbul would give you high returns and thus this is the best spot for property investments.

Where to find the real estate listings

  • Project websites from the owner
  • Local Real Estate Agents
  • Newspapers

Find the best properties from the best listings for a smart and wise investment in Istanbul, be sure before you invest your money on the project make sure you know it well.

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