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Why Choose Us?

  • No commission – best price guarantee
    We are guaranteeing you that you are buying exactly with the same conditions as a Turkish citizen is buying a property in Turkey. Besides, we will be negotiating on your side with the developer to get the BEST possible price for you to start making profit at the time of buying.
  • No hidden costs, free legal support
    We are going to follow up your title deed process on your behalf without any extra fee. Besides, all closing costs will be explained to you in detail at the buying stage.
  • Trustworthy, friendly, transparent treatment.
    We are looking forward to having long-term relationship with all our clients. Instead of sales strategies, you will be treated with trustworthy and friendly approach.
  • Professional approach by Investment Consultancy Company.
    Contrary to our competitors, we will make you feel that you are dealing with a professional consulting firm but not a real estate agent. CCT Investments is a registered company in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.
  • We are not trying to be the market leader, we aim to be the best service provider.
    We are ready to impress you with our persistent support and follow up during all the stages of your investment. Our starting point is to achieve great customer satisfaction and make each single client of ours happy.

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Win Win Win

Way we do business: WIN-WIN -“WIN”

There are three winners in our business which we want to re-mention in this part.

Firstly the developers in Turkey are winners. We market their projects to our large database for international investors. We help them to sell their properties faster. Thus, they can start to new projects.

Secondly, you as an investor are surely a winner. We guide you with our exceptional service. We help you to buy the most suitable property for you with the BEST possible price.

Lastly, it is our company who is winning in this business too as we get paid for our marketing services through developers.

Many people think, they might be overpriced when dealing with marketing companies. We again repeat and reassure you. We are directly representing the Turkish developers we work with and we have contracts with all of them. We as CCT Investments will help you with the whole process and we will negotiate with the developer on your side and try to make the BEST deal as possible for you.

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