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Work Permit in Turkey – Types and Conditions

Posted on 25 December 2015
Updated On: 30 March 2020

According to the applicable labor law in Turkey, foreigners have the right to work here by obtaining a working permit, from the ministry of labor and social security, taking into consideration the need for expats and some criteria related to the county’s plan, in which they give working permits for foreigners according to the market status and corporate applications.

You can’t get a work permit o your own, the company you work for must apply on your behalf, in order to have a legal status in the country you must have one, to benefit also from social security, medical and maternity insurance. This permit also protect the employee in case of any disputes with the owner of his work, or in case of no paychecks, or end of service compensations, as they can turn into courts to get their rights.

Applying for a working permit:

The company you wish to work for applied on your behalf for the ministry of labor and social security to get a permit according to the following conditions:

  • The foreigner must have a valid passport.
  • To have a valid touristic visa for at least 6 months.
  • In case they don’t have a residency in Turkey, applicant must apply for Turkish embassies abroad.
  • The company applying must have at least 5 Turkish nationals for each foreign one.
  • The company’s capital to be at least 100.000 TL, or the sales to be at least 800.000 TL per year, or expenses to be at least 500.000 TL.
  • The company must specify the reason for their need of this employee, mentioning their salary, in accordance with the Turkish laws of minimum wage.


Short period permit:

Valid for one year for first time application, second time to be two years period, if the employee continues in the same position and company, afterwards it can be three years.

Long term permit:

After eight years of continues work with a valid permit, employees can get a working permit valid for unlimited years.

Independent work permit:

This one is given for those who have worked in Turkey for 5 continues years, and have the abilities that benefit the economic development of the country, those can apply with their qualifications and certificates to obtain an independent work permit.

Investors’ work permit:

To get a permit for foreign investors in several sectors, they first need to establish a company, with a capital of at least 100.000 TL, or to have a share in a company worth at least 40% of the capital.

At first, the investor gets one year permit. In the first 6 months they are not obliged to hire 5 Turkish citizens for one work permit, but in the next six month it is, and for any other permit to hire another 5 Turkish people. Now the government is studying to give these investors a working permit directly.

Doctors’ Permit:

Medical institutions can hire foreign doctors according to the following:

  • The doctor must equal his certificate in the ministry of higher education.
  • To get a permit from the ministry of health to practice medicine in Turkey.
  • To have an efficiency level (B) in Turkish language.

Foreign engineers’ permit:

The foreign engineer must check with higher education ministry in Ankara to equal his certificate and then join the union of engineers. The company he is working at must hire one Turkish engineer as well, and his salary must not be forth times smaller than the minimum wage.

Teachers’ work permit:

If a foreigner wishes to teach in a governmental institution, they must equal their certificate in Ankara first. Or if they are working in a private institution, they don’t need to, it’s acceptable that the institution the teacher graduated from to be certified by the Turkish authorities.

Working permit for tourist institutions:

The foreign worker’s salary must be the double of the minimum wage, and if the company has a tourism certificate, and have 10 Turkish citizens working for them, they can hire unlimited numbers of workers.

There is also a special permit given to the following cases:

  • Asylum seekers.
  • Foreigners married to Turkish citizens.
  • Employees of foreign councils and cultural centers of the foreign embassies.
  • Employees of international institutions and foreign governmental staff.
  • People of a Turkish heritage living here.

Occupations which are not granted work permit:

Dentists, pharmacists, vets, lawyers, special security, patients’ supervisor, midwives, director of private hospitals, notary, customs consultant.

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