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World’s Best Luxurious Hotels

Posted on 11 February 2016
Updated On: 3 July 2020

There are many luxurious various hotels around the world, which are teeming with visitors and tourists throughout the year. What makes a hotel luxurious one more than the other is the advantages of its service. Here are the top 4 Luxurious hotels worldwide:


Mandarin Oriental Hotel Image

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

This hotel is located in Turkey, it is one of the most distinguished hotels in the world. It was built on a large slope of the green oases in the Turkish city of Bodrum. It consists of 109 rooms, the advantage of these rooms is that there are very charming views, and includes a number of stylish swimming pools.


Miami Beach Edition Hotel Image

The Miami Beach Edition hotel

One of the most beautiful world-class hotels, if you are preparing to visit the United States must be to put this hotel on your list. The hotel is located on Miami Beach in Florida, features a luxury designed, contains 300 rooms and offers guests a number of entertainment through the sauna rooms, and a special room for bowling, and ice skating, as well as the elegant swimming pools.


21 Broad Hotel Image

21 Broad Hotel

It is one of the most modern hotels in America. The hotel is located in a Victorian mansion in the state of Massachusetts, features trendy colors that rise optimism in the hearts of visitors, the hotel has a number of subsidiaries for a number of luxury brand shops, in addition to presenting delicious meals selected from various international cuisines.


Grand Bharat Hotel

Grand Bharat Hotel

This hotel is located in India. Considered one of the finest hotels in the world. It’s distinctive in being close to many Indian touristic sites. This hotel has a luxurious design, and the walls are designed as sandstone shapes and was built on an area of 300 acres, featuring 100 rooms and 4 huge suits.

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